Am I in a Healthy Relationship Now and Why Does Love Hurt sometimes?

How open minded are you with your spouse or significant other? As well, do you ever question, am I in a healthy relationship? 

Can you say that your beloved is actually the love of your life?

I have read about it in many articles on why inform the love of your life about your past. It’s been said that it may ruin your present relationship.

Let me present my ideas to this.

That implies we are not sure about our relationship if we are not totally sincere and open with our true love.

That indicates that we do not have confidence in each other. That means that the relationship is delicate and we’re walking on egg shells.

As you continue here with all this article has to offer, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “I have said you have but two emotions, love and fear. One is changeless but continually exchanged, being offered by the eternal to the eternal. In this exchange it is extended, for it increases as it is given.”

A strong relationship can stand tall through any storm.

In a strong relationship, we are prepared for some disputes. But we should understand that ultimately the love will be exact as before.

That is a strong relationship, because real love has no real conflict within that love, because love is whole.

It is an at-oneness that has no separate parts, therefore cannot have conflict. But the ego in the two of you surely has its conflicts.

You will constantly suffer from regret and stress if he/she gets to know about what you may conceal. Yes, I’m saying about  hiding the vital realities of your past from your doll baby.

That is not a happy and healthy relationship, and it’s here where you might be asking yourself: am I in a healthy relationship?

Such relationships trigger stress, instead of giving and receiving love and pleasure.

To get enjoyment, have self-confidence, inform your partner on everything about your past. Yes, and anticipate that they will not just understand, however, likewise comfort you about that.

That is the sign of a strong and open relationship.

Any relationship that is not completely sincere and open is like a leaking boat. Anytime water getting too far filled certainly the boat will plunge to the bottom.

If we are not completely truthful and open with the love of our life that means we are not sure about our relationship.

That suggests that relationship help might be needed because of it being delicate.

In a strong relationship, we are prepared for some disputes or disagreements as humans. But know that ultimately where your love is concerned will not waver in the wind.

That is the true signs of a strong relationship, and never having to question the idea of: am I in a healthy relationship?

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Next, let’s you and I look at why the healthy self is important for you. Likewise, the love of your life to maintain a healthy relationship.

Qualities of the Healthy Self in Relationships

Love sets the sails for healthy relationships while cultivating pride, self-esteem, and so forth.

By cultivating these qualities, one can take control over his or her emotions and circumstances.

Hence, one of the most vital qualities is the inner strength. This self-confidence source empowers one to develop psychological competency.

Awareness and inner strength are important qualities to establish eventually self-control over one’s life.

It’s this inner strength that answers the question for us about: am I in a healthy relationship?

We have the inner peace of strength within to examine the self. By evaluating the self, one can much of the time be aware of his or her emotional responses.

One’s psychological reactions can result in problems, especially when one fails to take control of these emotions.

These feelings are consistently activated by ego-based sources which are fear, doubt, guilt, judgement, and the like.

This will trigger the emotions to feel enforced upon.

Self-awareness then is important, given that it can help you to establish a positive outlook.

I mean a right-mindedness that allows you to manage the feelings when they feel threatened. 

It is very important to acknowledge one’s strengths and weak points.

By recognizing these weaknesses and strengths, we can develop healthy relationships with self and others. This is when we can answer to: how do I know if I am in love?

We have inner strength that can help us with managing the feelings. The secret is to develop discipline by setting limits while cultivating self-control.

Fundamentally, self-discipline is our discrete identity that empowers us to keep a positive mind with our feelings of love.

The ego in us often will be afraid of the truth about real love.

A Course in Miracles asks us: “Would you not exchange your fears for truth, if the exchange is yours for the asking?”

We need to be willing to make useful modifications that direct us to the healthy self.

By establishing discipline and self-control, one can make these modifications without threatening the emotions.

I mean, even when you are questioning through the fear and doubt of the ego over things like: how do you know you love someone?

We likewise must establish inner peace and strength of mind ultimately to have complete control of our emotions.

How do you know you love someone can be answered by your preventing self-indulgent routines.

What I mean is, one can cultivate this strength of mind because of that love that drives him or her to success.

Self-discipline is cultivated by restraining one’s self from the ego-based notions of: does he love me for real? Or, is she really in love with me?

Rather of falling under the snarling dogs of the ego’s appealing temptations, one must honor the inner self to pursue a healthy relationship.

It’s about your strong relationship being accepted without any fear, doubt, judgement, and the like.

We have inner power to use self-control, even when we doubt by asking: am I in a healthy relationship?

When you are faced with alluring temptations like much of the world is, use your self-confidences.

I’m saying to resist the important things that could lead to damage.

Structuring strength of character and mind will guide you from those ego-based haunting questions such as: how do I know if I am in love, or does he love me, and am I in a healthy relationship?

The love within brought forward will cultivate strength that helps you to resolve problems in your individual psyche.

I mean efficiently processing, though, beyond the sandy foundation of the ego-based mind while in relationships with others.

Often we ask during shaky times in a relationship, why does love hurt so bad?

It’s not the love which is hurting, because love is whole is only love which can never hurt.

But what is actually hurting is the ego as it experiences its foundation built on sand starting to crumble.

We need to avoid building a love relationship based on these ego-based traits having a thought system of fantasy or illusion.

This just breeds more ego wrong-minded negative thought.

The adversely believing will eventually rob you of good health. In time, you will start to establish mental, psychological and physical illnesses.

It is the action of moving far from the healthy self that you want to prevent having to deal with such notions as: am I in a healthy relationship for real?

We have to expand self-resilience by fighting versus incorrect behaviors that feed on the questions of things like: why does love hurt, or how do I know if I am in love?

Rather than dwell on the notions of, am I in a healthy relationship, get out of the detour into fear. Do so by accepting the love within for what it is without question.

If you have to question, ‘does he/she really love me,’ then there’s conflict in your thinking about the relationship.

That fear alone will NOT guide you to the healthy relationship.

A few of the best methods to cultivate the self and your relationships is by spending one on one time with the self.

Yes, so that you can exercise methods to develop the inner being.

Subliminal knowing and numerous other practices can help you manage the task of self-development.

Learning how to do mindfulness meditation is another excellent practice that works you towards the healthy self.

You will likewise have to be involved with physical exercise to keep the body strong and healthy. By keeping the body healthy and strong, it will reward you with a sound mind.

Building a sound mind is likewise achieved through yoga practices, and I like this one here that helps with effective weight-loss, too.

Yoga practices teach discipline and self-control through meditation and natural breathing.

You have terrific techniques that integrate into one that you can utilize to cultivate the healthy self while improving your relationships.

Go online to learn more about the healthy self and relationships by accepting the power of manifestation as in your power.

By evaluating the self, one can certainly become aware of his or her emotional reactions and achieve the healthy relationship.

Willpower is cultivated by learning to let go of ego-based fears and doubts, and more.

Instead of falling into the snares of the ego’s alluring temptations, limit the self frequently to work towards the healthy self.

Some of the finest methods to cultivate the self and your relationships is by spending one on one time going within the self.

Here’s where you can get inner divine Guidance from the inner God Essence of Who you are. It’s built on a foundation of eternal rock that is all love!

So, there you go, now you may answer to: am I in a healthy relationship for real?


When two people are pondering over the idea, am I in a healthy relationship, certainly does place thought into the experience.

When a partnership initially starts the joy that you both are really feeling deep within you is wonderful.

It might appear like you cannot request for anything more in your life.

Therefore, accept the love of your life for who she/he is and continue to find happiness in the bond.

There might come a time when the relationship struggles in some difficulty. And also could possibly be a conflict that takes time to resolve.

Remember that the Course in Miracles teaches that the Holy Spirit uses time in this world for your benefit.

If you have an interest in healing a struggle going on in the relationship these ideas in this article above will open your mind. But only if you will operate from your real inner self about how you feel towards the love of your life.

When deliberating in your human thought process, am I in a healthy relationship, or does he love me, it is truly crucial for you to identify the truth within you.

The Truth within you is the same divine Truth within the love of your life.

Being at-one and whole with the Source of this Love is how the relationship is built on rock, and not sand.

(Please note: I also recommend this related article on goals for a healthy relationship proves why some relationship issues get in the way where having a hard time to determine the problem.)  

To a healthy love relationship,

James Nussbaumer

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