Overcome your Fears and Conquer Anxiety by Forgiving Yourself

One thing for sure is to overcome your fears is something much of the world struggles with. The most successful professional is always looking for ways to conquering anxiety and control fear. I’ve found by learning the real meaning of forgiving others and forgiving yourself is the miracle for how to improve your life and […]

A Blessing of True Forgiveness-Best Strategy for Saving the World

A blessing of true forgiveness gives you inner freedom from negative feelings and a foul attitude toward someone or the world. Practicing forgiveness by its real meaning gets you over the hump of feeling that you must get even with someone who was against you. But there are other healing reasons for true forgiveness. By […]

Depression and Self Harm-Letting go and Shifting Forward

Depression and self harm is a matter no one knows better than, myself.  But we have the power within us to overcome depression or mental fatigue, or what have you. Yes, we all can choose to undo these ill feelings that are holding us back from our full potential. I was on the receiving end […]