A Blessing of True Forgiveness-Best Strategy for Saving the World

A blessing of true forgiveness gives you inner freedom from negative feelings and a foul attitude toward someone or the world. Practicing forgiveness by its real meaning gets you over the hump of feeling that you must get even with someone who was against you.

But there are other healing reasons for true forgiveness. By forgiving others or the world and yourself, you are blessing everyone as well by wiping clean any guilt that has been harbored for so long.

True forgiveness helps yourself and others help the world.

A Course in Miracles states, “Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you? In no fantasy have you ever seen anything so lovely.”

When an individual acts against you with any type of attack filled thoughts or gestures, he or she is offering you the opportunity to bless him or her.  But first, what does giving a blessing entail?

First of all, it surely does not mean getting all caught up with the idea of special outside powers which you may call in by using rituals or forms of prayer. Your real power of mind to bless through forgiveness is within you and not located somewhere out there.

Blessing does not entail waving your hand over an individual’s head, followed by religious or mystical words, or sprinkling droplets of special water onto a group in order to bless a crowd. 

Forgiving others

These types of things do not bestow blessings in themselves, unless you are using real vision to look beyond the symbolism and feel truth in that through reflection. 

Remember, it’s the meaning you convey that is important, rather than indicating a magic formula can heal anyone or help them to feel better.

A blessing that is real and true does involve forgiveness, whereby you are overlooking ego-based behavior.  Once you overlook the ego you can look beyond it, and then see your brother/sister for who they truly are. 

As well, when you learn how to truly begin forgiving yourself the world of your dreams starts to become your reality. This is why I like so well and suggest the Deep Sleep NOW system, for bringing forward what it is you truly want in life.

This is a blessing because it is truthful.

Extending joy  

A blessing can also mean opening yourself up to a miracle by remaining calm while another person is dealing with anger and venting to you.  It may be in your knowing when to speak and when not to speak. By doing so you are manifesting a miracle!

A blessing may also mean extending the joy of yourself, while at the same time understanding within yourself that the other person’s anger and negativity are not real, and are simply errors made by wrong-minded thinking.

Remember, by letting go of we don’t want is how we get more of what we do want, and is how we experience everyday miracles. 

Whatever you can do to get him or her to see even a glimpse of their loving self when they are dealing with anger is a successful attempt at blessing a brother/sister. 

Let’s not get all hung up on the religious meaning of a particular word, such as “blessing,” but let’s do concern ourselves with the true meaning, that of extending a sense of love and caring for others. 

This is the blessing which heals and promotes true forgiveness.

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To forgiving others,

James Nussbaumer

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