Changing Your Life around this Year – Setting a Personal Improvement Plan

As you begin a brand-new year, it’s great if you are thinking about changing your life around and reflecting a bit on exactly what you really want out of your life.

That’s also great if you’re committing to some personal improvement plans or resolutions?

Do you feel you need a change in life?

If so, let’s get you started.

Have you decided to learn self-development skills, or perhaps get in physical shape? Opt for a promotion?

Quit cigarette smoking?

Is it perhaps cutting alcohol out of your life, or some other addiction?

Get your financial resources in order? Spend more time with your loved ones?

Is it those extra pounds you want to shed, flatten the belly and tighten the buns, if so, yoga for weight loss, and yoga for healing is here for the rescue.

Or could it be all of the above?

Whatever your resolutions are, they all come down to one thing, which means you wanting to transform your life!


You’ve taken action on the first step to seeing favorable outcomes for changing your life around by learning self-development skills.

To Transform your Life

The information offered you in this blog article will assist your personal improvement plan—a journey, we may say, making it much easier to achieve and rewarding.  

As this forthcoming year kicks into high gear I believed it might be valuable to make you familiar with a few things that may hold you back, that should be overcome so you may transform your life.

These obstacles holding you back in life are what almost everyone has naturally, and it takes conscious decision, the power of choice, and a great effort to eliminate or compensate for them.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “What you do not realize, each time you choose, is that your choice is your evaluation of yourself.”

Every year and this year changing your life around, learning self-development skills is up to you and you alone.

To begin changing your life around and committing to personal improvement cannot take place until you dedicate to making it happen.

Let’s take a look at 3 obstacles perhaps holding you back:

  • 1.) Procrastinating on taking action NOW:

All the understanding worldwide is worthless until it is put into motion right now, not tomorrow, and not “maybe someday.”

Taking action is of the habits of highly effective individuals all over the world, and it is proven that action taking is how successful people grow, and a review article on that here… 

When you’ve chosen to change your life for the better, start to make a personal improvement plan and get going with it.

Self-growth and learning self-development skills cannot occur till you begin taking action on a plan that best suits you.

  • 2.) Thinking you’ll appear as a fool:

The pursuit of anything worthwhile will certainly need you to take some risks.

Getting beyond the fear of these risks is why I encourage you to learn mindfulness meditation.

You’ll have to go beyond your comfort zones and convenience centers, and in that pursuit, you could easily stumble, or appear silly at a minimum for a while of when- it’s practically okay and you’ll survive.

The faster you stop fretting about how you look in the eyes of others, the sooner personal improvement can start.

  • 3.) Beginning with wrong-minded thoughts and perceptions:

Much of the important things that we’ve pertained to believe about prosperity, health and overall well-being simply are not real.

Some have actually never held true, and some used to be true however they aren’t anymore.

I could offer literally lots of examples of each classification, and if you want to examine this further go deeper into my blog pages, and perhaps subscribe to my Every Day Miracles newsletter.

Committing to Personal Improvement

For now let’s simply accept that self-growth cannot occur till you have a precise view of the world you want to create for yourself.

If you truly want to begin changing your life around, the excellent news is that you certainly can overcome all that is holding you back from your dreams.

By all means, take a few minutes and don’t shy about searching further all of the information here at my safe website and blog.

I wish the best for you, and I hope you’re thinking a lot about your own life and all the natural gifts you have that the world is just waiting for you to extend.

True extension of inner Self is how miracles are experienced in your daily life.

Remember, whatever your objectives and goals and resolutions are for this year, they all boil down to one thing- you desire to transform your life!

Self-growth will not happen unless you commit to making it so.

(Here’s a related article on ways to improve emotional health and heal effects of depression through a spiritual life.) 

To self-growth this year, 

James Nussbaumer

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