Affair Relationships – Why it’s NOT an Appropriate Way to End a Marriage

It isn’t all that uncommon these days to have affair relationships. There are many married men having affairs who have ‘another lady’ on the side, and in truth there are also rather a lot of women having affairs.

It may seem amazing to be involved in affair relationships, however is it actually worth losing your marriage, or your present long term relationship over?

And, are affair relationships of the appropriate ways to end a relationship with your spouse?

Individuals often have affair relationships because they are not sexually and emotionally satisfied in their current relationship.

Why not end the current relationship or take actions to improve it if you heard about his/her affair relationships?

Then put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think about how you would feel if they had an affair.

So, if you are pondering over having an affair, or already involved in affair relationships, would you believe it was ok for your partner to cheat on you?

If you’re relationship isn’t really all that amazing or has actually been having difficulty then talk to your partner and let them understand how you are feeling.

If you enjoy your partner then you owe them the possibility to try and make your relationship work rather of seeking joy with somebody else on the side.

Affair relationships should not be how to end a relationship with your current significant other.

If you are just not pleased with your present partner and understand that the relationship will never be any much better, then you need to consider appropriate ways to end a relationship nicely.

How to end a relationship nicely is a huge step toward operating from your true inner self.

The Course in Miracles calls a “holy relationship” one where you both are connected heart to heart, or, we may say, mind to mind.

In other words, in the holy relationship you are sharing your inner most self as one with your partner while in this world.

And here is when both lead successful lives because they are operating from the holiness inside.

The Course in Miracles states, “The holy relationship, a major step toward the perception of the real world, is learned.”

Also keep in mind, though, the holy relationship is not only about marital or love where sex is involved.

(Here’s more on coping with an affair and can a marriage survive infidelity?) 

I mean it’s when you are connecting with someone from deeper than just the body.

But then this is what the Course in Miracles terms the “special relationship,” meaning only a physical connection with nothing further or deeper.

Once, again, the special relationship doesn’t necessarily indicate sexual relations. It can be anything where it’s only body to body and nothing more.

If this is the case then it may seem much easier to continue having affairs rather than end this relationship and be on your own.

If you are dissatisfied then there is no point attempting to make a relationship and reconcile work, and financial factors are not enough to remain in a dissatisfied relationship.

Lack of interaction is typically a big reason why relationships fail when a couple become unhappy, but they don’t comprehend their partner’s feelings.

It might be that your partner is completely delighted in the relationship and presumes that you are too, and unless you let them understand otherwise, then they will continue to think that everything is all.

Then it’s time the relationship came to an end, if you have actually attempted to enhance the relationship and it does not work and you are still dissatisfied.

How to End the Relationship Nicely

It is unfair to your partner to leave them holding on due to the fact that you are too scared to move on and take the step although you are not pleased.

It is likewise unfair on your partner if you leave them holding on while you have affair relationships.

Then this is something you may desire to seek counseling for, if you are completely happy in your existing relationship, but still feel forced to have affair relationships.

It is possible you might have a sex addiction or some much deeper emotional problems that have to be dealt with.

Some relationships and marital relationships make it through affairs fairly quickly and others don’t.

Some partners even accept and permit affairs in their relationship.

With this kind of relationship they might stay together and share monetary obligations, as well as children, however both are having affairs and that is accepted.

This is the “special relationship,” and it is special because it is not whole.

I realize that may be difficult to comprehend, but we cover these thing s in my Every Day Miracles Master Mind group, and I hope you will find out more, and perhaps join us.

If you feel that you can never be more than happy tied down to a single person and have to have affairs, then maybe you need somebody that is open to having this kind of “special relationship,” where you have an arrangement that you can both have affairs.

This way you are both doing the exact same thing and no-one will get hurt.

But, in all truth and honestly, now, that doesn’t truly sound so exciting, I mean, from your heart, now does it?

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To being truly happy in life, 

James Nussbaumer

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