The Foundation for a Better Life – the Key Actions as a Way to Success

You will need to have the foundation for a better life, and now is the time to live your dreams. You have God-given gifts and a true free will to get you started on building the foundation for a better life.

To live a great life you need to focus and follow these actions:

  • Be Open to your Passion and Purpose

Make a list of the things you constantly would have liked to do, however may not have yet opened your heart and mind for the time to work on it.

This interest may reflect into a passion and purpose. Finding, following and living your purpose and passion will enable you to live a great life.

Purpose is of the habits of highly effective individuals and is how successful people grow, and a review article on that here… 

  • Begin Picturing Within—A Vision

Develop a tactical strategy for creating your life by beginning the foundation for a better life, by defining and clarifying your willingness and readiness to commit and set forth on the journey.

Defining your inner vision can take some good time, clarifying it can take a longer period of time.

However the more your vision is accurate, the more you will attract individuals, opportunities, and money that will assist you to reach your heroic mission.

The clearer your inner vision is the more every part of you, as a human, is included: every cell and atom of your body, your mind and your spirit.

And this ends up being a creative process and best way to live life full of excitement and of wholehearted devotion.

(Here’s a way to find meaning in life and the strategy for a life of purpose._ 

  • Learn to Practice the Power of Choice

Discipline of choice and solid decision making is vital in addition to effort. Living a balanced life is at the heart of effective people’s teachings.

And never fear that the world is out to destroy or defeat you, but rather see the world as your helper.

The Course in Miracles sums that up nicely where it states, “”See no one from the battleground, for here you look on him from nowhere.”

Discipline and choice and action taking will let you become more focused on building a better life, and what is very important to recognize your dreams and live an extraordinary life.

Discipline is a crucial aspect for anyone who is out to lead a good life.

And you’re one of them due to the fact that you chose to find your purpose and passion and live a great life. Only by doing this will you have the ability to reach your ultimate goal.

  • Live by Empowerment and Integrity

In a survey of over 54,000 individuals who have the foundation for a better life, they determined the necessary qualities of an effective leader; and integrity was, by far, the number one action.

Your level of success in life will directly be proportioned to your level of stability.

The Course in Miracles asks us; “Do you build your house on sand or on rock?”

Theodore Roosevelt said: “Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of a specific purpose and of countries alike.”

Integrity is living an incorporated life around your concepts and self-worth.

  • Never Give Up Building a Better Life

Never giving up means to take good care of your all-around well-being, your emotional intelligence, your mental health and your spirit.

When one is neglected, the others don’t function and you lose your character, and the foundation for building a better life will wind up shaky built on sand rather than solid as rock.

When you live your dreams and passion in accordance with your true free will you create an inner vision of what you want out of life, and you’re not far from realizing your dreams.

You require discipline to make every minute count so every day can be one more day closer to your objectives and goals.

Live by integrity in all you do and success is ensured. Quickly you will see all the doors of opportunities open before you.

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To living a great life,

James Nussbaumer

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