What You Want to Be Shines by Going Beyond What is in Your Way

What you want to be is already within you, but don’t try to be what you want to be by tomorrow morning. Being all that you can be is a process of letting go of what is in your way.

I’m speaking of what it is you are denying in yourself by overlooking and looking beyond ego-based behavior or attitudes, which is what you think is lacking in yourself.  You must consider what lies beyond it all. 

I like what author Greg Frost has to say in his Mind Secrets Exposed empowerment system, about the potential in all of us being blocked but easily hurdled over.

It’s like this, your own ego-based wrong-mindedness which thinks you are separate from your Source needs to be forgiven first so you may go beyond it.  How is this done, you ask?

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You must begin overlooking your own ego-based thoughts by seeing beyond the illusion, of what you are not. If you are doing this, congratulations, because it is this self-forgiveness that is so necessary for being what you want to be.  

What you know you have within you, so will you be.

Every response you make is determined by what you think you are; and what you want to be, and which you already are, will determine every response you make. 

For instance, if I want to be an example of success by living in peace, my way of dealing with life will be through peaceful measures.  Peace will be the outcome.

But you should understand that to be what you want to be does not require any special blessing from God, because you already have it forever.  It was given you in the Creation!

Often we will hear or talk about a successful person as being “special” and “blessed” by God. 

What these individuals have is their own blessing—their own ability to acknowledge their true free will, and shift it forward in place of what has been in the way. 

It’s not wished for.  They have it and express it outwardly. 

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It is abundance they reflect from what they are within.

The ego, which you made from your separated thoughts, yes, the illusory thoughts that you are separate from God, may cause you to picture yourself as deprived, unloved, vulnerable, and alone. 

How can any of this make you feel real about who you are? 

But you can easily escape such self-images by letting go of them, and not looking back.  This is easy to do once you appreciate the fact that this picture of yourself is not what you want to be.  You just need to express yourself differently.

There’s a wonderful DVD at amazon I highly recommend for Expression and Letting Go of what you don’t want; going beyond all that is in your way in the world.

Next, don’t perceive this lack in anyone else, or you will be accepting it as you see yourself to be.  As long as there is such a word as “perception,” your brother/sister is the mirror in which you see the image of the guilt in yourself. 

The doubt and fear follow.

We made perception when we first perceived guilt in our choice to separate our identity from our Source—God, our all loving Creator. These perceptions block you from the power of your subconscious mind.

We continue to pass along these perceived notions of being separate as if they were knowledge, from generation to generation. 

These continued notions of separation simply pile on more guilt which feeds the ego in us all.

Perception, whether based on guilt or otherwise, is not created, but is made by an illusory thought system, and therefore it will remain with us only until humanity awakens as a whole from the dream of separation. 

We become whole by accepting ourselves, each of us, as the Christ-Mind.

Ever heard of awakening?

If you can understand this, then perception of anything, including what you want to be, will remain as your stepping stone to the power of your mind—a tool, so to speak, if it is used by the Light of your right-mind. 

This will allow yourself to naturally be aligned with your true Reality, which is the process of bringing wholeness to you.

A Course in Miracles states, “Fear not that you will be abruptly lifted up and hurled into reality.” 

Think of darkness when it is exposed to light. 

The dark becomes the light.  As wholeness arrives, the ego-based mind will fade.  All that will remain is true knowledge, or, we may say, your true inner power to be all you can be.

For the remainder of the dream of life in this world, until the final tick of time, however, we will still have the ego-mind to deal with.

This is okay, because our true intent is of the right-mind, which is the Light in us constantly shining on the darkness of the ego-based mind.

As the ego fades to the Light, this leaves our thought process of total right-mindedness in control over illusion while we are in this world.

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To abundance in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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