Feeling Depressed and Lonely Overcome by the Real Meaning of Self-Forgiveness

Most humans experience feeling depressed and lonely from time to time, but for some feeling sad and lonely gets in the way of giving love even in return. Feeling lonely often interrupts many individual’s lives, from relationship struggles, to career, weight loss, and all sorts of confusion–and is common with seniors and retirees, and individuals […]

Feeling Lost and Confused in Life Overcome by Self-Forgiveness

Much of the world often will endure periods of feeling lost and confused in life. It might be upon graduating from college, and perhaps even after landing the job you thought you always wanted. Or, it might be broken relationship struggles.  Some are still not sure what to do with life even upon financial success, […]

Letting Go and Moving On Starts with an Effortless Single Step

Letting go and moving on can be a journey, but however you approach it the first step gets you started. The Holy Spirit takes a place in our right-mind to teach us to use what the ego has made, so we can understand these illusions for the nothingness they are, illusions that have been leading […]