Your Purpose in Life Easily Accomplished through the Power of Self-Forgiveness

Your purpose in life is meant to be enjoyed.  You will know what is feasible and what is not. 

There are no other values you are deprived of that self-forgiveness will not bring to you.  How is this? you might ask.     

Once you can look beyond your own ego, what you desire for your purpose in life you will receive if this is your sincere will, and your body benefits too, merely by going along with the process. 

A Course in Miracles states, “God’s Will is your salvation. Would He not have given you the means to find it?”

Here, you can say, by practicing self-forgiveness—which means overlooking the ego in yourself and seeing beyond its untrue ways of thinking, you are seeing and experiencing the peace of Heaven you so desperately have been seeking. Miracles.

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 The Confidence to Advance

You will then have the confidence to advance by allowing your faith to lead you to your own completeness. 

But your completeness through your purpose in life cannot be attained until wholeness finds you and brings you in—and it will.

To say you want peace of mind and life balance and to live your free will is one thing; but to truly mean it is everything. 

If it is the intent of your true essence, your whole being, then it will only take an instant for you to leave all indecisiveness behind. 

This is the timeless instant of reality, or Heaven, that the ego can never understand.  It’s that tickless, clock-free time period when you choose between truth and falsehood, real and unreal, Christ-Mind or ego-mind. 

It’s in this instant that you set reality into motion as the whole Child of God seen as humanity, greets you.

People will begin showing up in your life and at the strangest times to assist you with your purpose in life. Their wonderful purpose in life will need yours to bring them to completeness.

Meaning of Life

These decision-making instants are when you accept the decision to be real, and the Holy Spirit begins laying the groundwork, which will consist of contributions from the Whole Child of God. 

In fact, much of this may have already been accomplished without your ever being aware of it, and merely waits for your readiness.  Events are being arranged everywhere, and your willingness to proceed will open your eyes to the eventful.

It’s the meaning of life!

Try to become aware that only outside of your intent is the illusion of the ego, telling you that your desires, or your purpose in life, if you will, are impossible. 

But because of your awareness of the truthfulness and sincerity of this intent within you, the outside is clearly only a means for time to tick on by, and you’ll easily be able to overlook it. 

By looking beyond time, you’ll see the Holy Spirit’s need for using it to support your efforts. 

Allow Him to be your “Teacher in time” for your benefit, which benefits humanity as a whole.  It’s the groundwork being laid out for you.

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