Finding Yourself through Forgiveness Allows an Unforgiving World to Fade Away

A Course in Miracles brilliantly helps you begin finding yourself in how it defines forgiveness, in a way the ego-mind cannot keenly grasp, but that can penetrate the real you. 

“Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred.  It does not pardon sins and make them real. 

Forgiveness sees there was no sin.  What is sin except a false idea about God’s whole Child? 

When you begin finding yourself through forgiveness you see the falsity in sin and therefore let it go. 

What then is free to give you what you want and take its place, but the Will of God, which is your true free will?”

Could this be teaching us that we can choose to see beyond the fog that covers our true essence, and that of our brothers and sisters, who may be seeing an unforgiving world? 

The world can surely be unforgiving if we choose to dwell on its darkness and see it as our doom. 

Finding yourself through forgiveness allows you individually to see yourself as the whole Child of God, Who does not sin, because sin is only of the separated mind, which is not real. 

It’s not real because it’s not of God’s Creation. 

Inner vision

Sin is only seen within the frame of time, a dream, the false idea of a world. 

Simply illusion, and in illusion you will not find yourself.

Try to see that your errors in thought are projecting a dream separate from what my own errors project. 

Your errors are only errors, just as my own are, but they can be cleared away by the real unseparated, non-dreaming Light that exists within both of us. 

It’s the same Light that is our wholeness drawing the darkness of the ego to it, until it fades away before your real inner vision.  True light, then, is all that is left to be seen.

This is what moves you when you let go of false ideas and allow the whole to consume all of you.  With that said and accepted, forgive yourself and others for the errors made during the time spent in darkness.

Manifesting Everyday Miracles certainly is in your power

Unforgiving world

 It’s difficult finding yourself in the dark, or we may say in an unforgiving world. 

With your forgiving light, the whole not only comes to you, it becomes yours and is your wealth and abundance. 

We can say this, through forgiveness, is called “finding yourself.”

Remember, to forgive is to overlook ego illusion by looking beyond it to the reality you are, at-one, with your brother/sisters.

To begin recognizing this motion, whatever it is you do truly want, simply accept it as already yours, and then proceed accordingly to carry out this function. 

God wants you to have it, because it is your true free will. 

Remember, though, that an unforgiving world and your body’s desires are not your free will. The law of attraction will find you if you are set on what you truly desire!

The good news is that bodily pleasures just happen to come along with the ongoing accomplishments through your reflection of a forgiving world, and in the process of attaining your mission in life.

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