Way to Success Striking by your Sense of Worth of the World

If you believe this world has real sense of worth and value in helping you with your heroic mission and the way to success, then it will remain of value to you. 

On the other hand, if you see no value in this world, and are filled with ridicule, and see doom and gloom everywhere, and see nothing in it that serves your purpose, then it will remain the dark dream or nightmare you continue to make for yourself. 

With myself, I have learned to turn the darkness of my passed incarceration of 8 long years into the light of a period of time that launched a way to success of certain writing goals, as a pathway for completing myself.

A Course in Miracles states, “Join your own efforts to the power that cannot fail and must result in peace.”

How do you move on and make the necessary changes so that you may live a life of purpose and free will?  Is this where you will find peace? 

Do you really want to know how to succeed in life, have inner peace, happiness, security, and a certainty of a way to success with your purpose in life, leaving you with a sense of worth? 

Sense of Worth

Do you want to be understood and respected in the community? 

Do you want to be able to relax whenever you would like, and never get upset?

Your answers to these questions are absolute. 

You do want discover how to succeed in life, and this is how every person you’d ever meet would want to live. 

It’s sad but true, however, that many individuals seem to do nothing in order to create this change and have it be possible.

Forgiveness offers you this way to success and sense of worth

You can wake up in the morning alert and with an aliveness that shows certainty of the day ahead of you.  At bedtime you will anticipate your mission for the following day and have a restful night’s sleep.


If I was able to learn this while living each day and night in a state prison, then you can certainly find your way to success and begin living the life that is truly what you want.  Not what you wish for, but what you truly want

You will have a sense of worth and joy to bring to your day and to others, merely by your purpose, which will make your presence light up. 

While you sleep you’ll have no fearful dreams of insecurity and attack. 

You can accomplish this by overlooking the ego as you look beyond it, as well as beyond the dust the body will ultimately turn to. 

By looking beyond the illusions of this world, you’ll see the way to success by the reality that’s within you.  Then proceed from there.

Here’s an article to help you see how to change your mind about the world so you may change your life to reflect success and goodness: 

To your purpose in life,

James Nussbaumer

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