Feeling Lost and Confused in Life Overcome by Self-Forgiveness

Much of the world often will endure periods of feeling lost and confused in life. It might be upon graduating from college, and perhaps even after landing the job you thought you always wanted. Or, it might be broken relationship struggles

Some are still not sure what to do with life even upon financial success, and are still soul browsing for their true calling.

It seems regardless of age, I asked myself, what do I want out of life, as often as getting a different car. It was as though I was always up against some adversity.

As we discussed in a related article a while ago, overcoming adversity can be a no brainer when we trust. 

But then after 25 years in a business I loathed, not loved, and became stuck in, it wasn’t until I was age 50, after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for a foolish securities violation, did I finally become defined, and was able to overcome a confused heart.

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When you ask, “What do I Want out of Life?”

You, too, perhaps, might be the same about a confused heart, and are struggling over not sure what to do with life.

This confusion is something many of go through.

I receive Facebook and Twitter messages, and personal emails all the time from individuals of all ages concerned about a life of purpose.

In a previous article I talked about the process of writing my books from a prison cell was a lot like watching my daughters mature to adulthood. 

During that painstaking procedure of writing by hand because of no computer resources, feeling lost and confused in life while piecing together the first book of the series, I’d hear the inner Voice saying just like my little girls, this book is ready for its next phase.

It seemed I was learning after all those years of life how to reflect what I want in life into this world, and make it a reality of my own.

What’s your Purpose in Life?

I’d add as I spoke to readers I seemed to visualize in my head, while feeling not sure what to do with life, that sooner or later the words will be in your hands, and hopefully helping those who are lost and confused in their own way, as I once was.

And, again, in this article, like many of the others this is why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and I suggest this, here.

Or perhaps those who are searching, but feeling lost and confused in life and not certain what it is they actually want to discover, will find their true free will and a life of purpose as I have.

Of course, once you are reading this, my task of writing this particular book will have been completed.

But from where I sat, in the volatile and often violent din of the cell block, not sure what to do with life, I’d wonder how I will find a publisher who sees it as part of its purpose to get involved.

Other individuals whom I have not yet met will have to arrive on the scene to help move the process along.

I’d see that time of feeling lost and confused in life as a natural progression in my own maturity, just as the many other adults who arrived to play a role in the maturing of my daughters.

Overcoming Feeling Lost and Confused

I can honestly and openly tell you that I have been advised by the “One Who Knows” that I should relax while I proceed with the suggested promotion of this book series.

I’ve been advised also to trust that the right people will show up at the right times to assist me with the various procedures.

This in itself helped me to get over grief, feeling lost and confused in life. I’d visualize that events are being arranged at that very moment while I continued with my work.

By the way, there is no correct or incorrect method for dealing with loss and grief, but I’d written another related article some time ago that may help, and you can read it right here. 

And to this day when I feel a confused heart, I open my mind to this same thought process called self-forgiveness.

It’s like the Course in Miracles states, “Follow the Holy Spirit’s teaching in forgiveness, then, because forgiveness is His function and He knows how to fulfill it perfectly.”

In fact, events are being arranged right now that will give you a reason to seek out this book series, or come across it, or have it given to you as a gift.

I have already been instructed to turn over everything to my Teacher and Guide, which the Course in Miracles terms the “Holy Spirit.”

He guarantees this project will arrive in time as a published book for those who are ready to calmly listen, see, and learn, as I have. I was finding my inner strength!

Self- Forgiveness

By the time you are reading this, I will have already been traveling extensively throughout the country, and who knows where else I may land?

It is important that I talk to individuals everywhere about what I have learned and witnessed along my own spiritual journey, and in my journey through a literal hell on earth.

I’d like more people to understand as the Course in Miracles says, “The confusion of functions is so typical of the ego that you should be quite familiar with it by now.”

We may easily undo that fearful and doubtful aspect in us called ego, by simply self-forgiveness.

Yes, to let go of feeling lost and confused in life.

The Course in Miracles teaches in its many spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons that forgiveness is defined as, “overlooking by looking beyond” the illusions that we do not want in life.

For those who are already ready, and for those who can glimpse readiness, remember that self-forgiveness is the key to unlocking the door to your own inner depths.

And this is when you will overcome feeling lost and confused in life and begin to live a life that encompasses your own true free will.

You will know your own life of purpose to be your Home.

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To a life of passion and purpose,

James Nussbaumer

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