Feeling Depressed and Lonely Overcome by the Real Meaning of Self-Forgiveness

Most humans experience feeling depressed and lonely from time to time, but for some feeling sad and lonely gets in the way of giving love even in return.

Feeling lonely often interrupts many individual’s lives, from relationship struggles, to career, weight loss, and all sorts of confusion–and is common with seniors and retirees, and individuals who are living alone.

In book 1 of the series we see why…The ego, which cannot recognize love, always demands reciprocal rights, because the ego competitive; its goal is always to gain something. 

There is no love in this type of reciprocation.

But often feeling depressed and lonely may overshadow. 

A Course in Miracles states, “The shadowy figures from the past are precisely what you must escape.”

Bargains are always ready to be made, but the ego doesn’t understand that to gain, you must give in a realm where bargains have no meaning at all.

Any bargain is limited giving.  This is not God’s Will, and He has never made a bargain, nor will He ever.  But haven’t we been taught to make bargains with God in our prayers?

God Doesn’t Make Bargains

Don’t we see bargaining plans for Heaven going on everywhere?  This is because the ego believes it can use sacrifice as a bargaining tool to gain Heaven. 

Heaven is love and joy, and this can’t be negotiated even when you are feeling depressed and lonely. 

But in understanding this illusory state of mind or false self, you can let go of feeling lonely.

What the ego will never accept is that once we have awakened from this ever-so-brief lapse into separated thought—the daze or dream of life, we’ll then realize we’ve been Home in the Kingdom all along. 

There’s no need for bargains and feeling depressed and lonely can be shed.

Is this an arrogant way of thinking? 

Only as interpreted by the ego—that fearful and doubting aspect in us all that will often experience feeling lonely, which turns its face from truth, or tries to debate it. 

To overlook by looking beyond your fears and loneliness.

The ego wishes to argue that the body is everything.

But when we overlook the ego-based mind’s dreaming state, we can look beyond its unreality to our true reality where feeling depressed and lonely is overcome by self-forgiveness.

It is your path to reaching full potential.

A Course in Miracles gives us an exercise for use as prayer or in meditation when your better side is down, and it goes like this:

  • All power is of God. What is not of Him has no power to do anything.

When you can overlook the unreal in you by looking beyond it to what is of God, this is the self-forgiveness that erases guilt bit by bit until guilt is no more. 

  • Final Word on Forgiving Yourself for a Happier Life:

Here’s help when feeling depressed and lonely from time to time and all that sadness getting in the way of your life…

Consider this: Has anything you ever dreamed of while sleeping in bed at night, perhaps something terrible associated with feeling sad and lonely awakened with you in the morning to then be seen as real?  Hardly. 

But didn’t you say, “Wow, thank God it was only a dream!”?

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To self-forgiveness,

James Nussbaumer

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