Letting Go of Ego-Be Free of the Past and Succeed in your Life Dreams

Letting go of ego is difficult because the ego mind strives to get attention and be loved.

Yet because this fear and doubt based aspect in we humans is illusion—a false sense of self, it doesn’t know how to give love.

Certainly relationships with others are necessary for a loving life, and often we need relationship healing.

But when doing so you want to connect from your real Self rather than a projected image made of you by the world. The real You is your power of mind!

Sometimes being loving and real we think it’s hard to respond not react or difficult to say “no” in a particular scenario.

The true radiance you carry can also be in your own seriousness when a firm stance needs to be taken. 

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Letting go of ego is where the truth may need to be pushed forward. 

There is nothing nonspiritual about giving a firm “no” when you feel it necessary. 

This could be in your pointing to the box of laundry detergent in a firm but loving fashion when your teenager demands clean laundry for the third time this week. 

You could smile, while firmly stating that it’s time she learn to do her own laundry.  She will most likely start requiring fewer loads of clean laundry. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

When you see any discomfort in anyone, you will automatically know that it’s coming from “nothing,” and you will know from within yourself how to respond not react, thus letting go of ego. 

If and when you feel such discomfort dwelling inside of you, simply stop for a moment and acknowledge it for what it is. 

In my first book of the series, The Master of Everything, I call this letting go of ego procedure using your “spiritual flashlight” to shine your light onto those dark-clouded feelings. 

Notice them for the nothingness they are, and they will fade away by being drawn into your light. 

Miraculous Events Occur when Letting Go of Ego

Then you can move on to the right-mindedness you truly are all about. 

Putting your own radiant light to the wrong-minded ego-mind and watching it fade away into the light will keep you moving along your own spiritual path. 

The nothingness you have been living by is not the miracles mindfulness you want.  Jesus once said, “Be not content with nothing.”  The world has perpetuated the belief for centuries that nothing can give us everything. 

Remember what you have learned, now that you realize there is “another way of looking at the world.” Light puts out darkness.

To be enlightened or to tap into your real inner power, you must give everything to your True Helper to be unlearned and reinterpreted for you. 

Then you can begin to learn the joyous lessons that will come quickly to you, as the new firm foundation that your truth will build for you. 

You will see that truth is actually true, and is nothing else.

The universe of learning will open Itself up for you, so that all that was intended of God’s Will for you, in simple fashion, will be yours. 

It will be yours because it has always been your true free will.  With all of this as your Home, you will not have a need to look at the past. Once your vision is of this Light, you will have met the conditions of Oneness. 

A Course in Miracles helps us see…The learning will continue for as long as time and space remain with us, because it’s needed, for now, so that the Holy Spirit can help begin letting go of ego with quiet and calm inspiration.

Life lived on your own terms, we may say!

The Holy Spirit, which is your True Self, has now freed you from the past. 

Always remember that the Communicator of all of time and space is the Truth that you are. 

The most important dimension for you now, of course, is your own internal process of undoing all that obscures your awareness of Love’s presence. 

With this new clear vision, you have started becoming enlightened and are mastering your own spiritual freedom.

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To letting go of ego,

James Nussbaumer

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