Understanding the Holy Spirit: Another Way of Looking at the World

Many people have confusion about understanding the Holy Spirit.

In a discussion at a recent webinar about the true power of mind and on concepts all about the Holy Spirit, some had stated, “When I consider The Christ, I think about the Divine Spirit of God.”

Others asked, can you please help explain the Holy Spirit so I may comprehend the distinction between both?

The deeper you take the daily exercises prescribed in my 2nd book of the ever-developing series, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom: Lessons from A Course in Miracles;  “There is another way of looking at the world,” the more in touch you will begin to be with understanding the Holy Spirit in your mind.

In a another blog article I discussed how you will start noticing the ego in you—the doubting and fearful aspect which is your concrete thinking, disguised for different situations. 

Understanding the Holy Spirit means learning to realize your ego-based mind built on fear and doubt is easy to overcome.

Realizing all about the Holy Spirit and you is why I urge you to seek out mindfulness training for meditation and spirituality, or even yoga spirit meditation exercises.

Here’s a related article on how yoga spirit can be a great exercise or tool for all-around wellness and health, even for natural weight loss.

As you start recognizing the Holy Spirit and you, as of yourself, and in all that you do for a better life, you will also start to willingly undo the messages the ego gives you.

All About Understanding the Holy Spirit

For example, the obnoxious man behind you in line at the post office may only initially seem obnoxious, and within a moment or two you will understand he is simply having a bad day, as you have had yourself. 

Or, if his hostility is so bad that he just doesn’t give up, you may find yourself simply and quietly leaving the post office for another time in the day, without making a big deal about it. 

This is understanding the Holy Spirit in you.

Understanding the Holy Spirit can be seen or experienced around the world as the calmness that does not put a rush on the task at hand, while realizing that nobody really likes standing in line at the post office anyway.

As I talk about the Christ in you and all about the Holy Spirit, I am not meaning “in” your body, but I do mean in “you.” 

The Christ in you is not outside yourself. 

Anything physical about your body, including your internal organs, and even the cells and atoms, are outside of who you are.  The smallest molecule in your body is a part of your flesh and bones.

These microscopic body parts are your physical body, which is the framework for who you are.  Just as the sun is the center of our physical solar system, by now I hope you are focused on the fact that you cannot be separate from what is at the center of you.

What gives you life cannot be centered around death.  Your body, cells and atoms included, is going to die.  You are not going to die.

Your holiness is not your flesh and bones, but your holiness is who you are.  This is Christ and all about the Holy Spirit. 

The Christ in you is understanding the Holy Spirit and what will never die.

To explain the Holy Spirit and you consider the abstract essence about you whispering in the back of your mind that you do truly know this world is not your true Home.

Your body is merely a temporary structure, a communication device for understanding the Holy Spirit Who is You, and He uses the body for guiding you while in this world.

The Holy Spirit and you is nothing more, nothing doubtful or judgmental, and nothing fearful. 

All of this wrapped up together is your holiness, and is the the Holy Spirit and you, as the real You.

With that said, who and what you are, is at one with Christ whose purpose is to make manifest, or to be seen through you by those who don’t know He exists. 

You are guided by the Holy Spirit in how you reveal the Christ in you—the way you reveal your true self, thereby allowing others to see Him through you.

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To understanding the Holy Spirit about you,

James Nussbaumer

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