The God Fearing Illusive Ego Mind and Overcoming Adversity

What is the the ego mind and what does the coin “God fearing,” really mean?

Why are we taught this?

How often do we worry, think about, and say, “All good things must come to an end?”

Songs have been written about this.

To the ego mind which is our illusive thought system based on fear that believes we are a body, the goal is death.

Sure, and which is its end. It knows that when death arrives, it will no longer have to hide from the truth.

This is why learning breathing meditation exercises may help you go within and let go of all that nonsense that is obscuring your natural light–the power of your mind.

Overcoming adversity and the fears that go with it, and on to what you truly want in life is why I suggest this video for manifesting the life you want.

I have received tremendous positive feedback with great comments on its results. 

The ego mind and its own doubts perceptions of the world can’t understand life beyond the body. It eagerly looks forward to your death, but is so afraid of its own, and why we’re still deciding over “nuclear war or peace.”

This was expressed in a great book about Albert Einstein called Ideas and Opinions, which I highly suggest.  

This is why one of its favorite comments is, “I’ll take it to my grave.” Or, “Let me die with dignity,” and always talks about the “good ole days when things were different.”

But letting go of the ego places the world in the palm of your hand.

But the Holy Spirit—the Truth at your inner core, does not need the past, and His goal has no end in sight.

The ego mind has its strange religion, which believes it can pursue us beyond the grave and that we will either find peace after death or spend immortality in hell.

As long as the ego-based mind continues tugging away at you, you will continue to be “God fearing.” Does our all loving Creator truly want us to fear Him?

The ego continues to show you the security of having “this” or “that,” but on the flip side will show you the insecurity of giving.

It will teach you that it’s okay to give as long as there is enough left over to secure your abundance.

Here’s another related article that includes the WEBCAST about: the Holy Spirit and clearing up any confusion you may have on the subject: 

Yes, and the ego religiously makes rules on the proper percentages to give.

It loves such rules because they teach you the safety in percentages. It tells you, “For what you give, so shall you receive.”

In my first two books you can explore why the ego is bleak and despairing in its use of time. It insists that the future must be like the past. It wishes that we learn from the past, but the present is a threat.

A Course in Miracles helps us realize that the Holy Spirit, who knows only the present, unless He needs to undo fear, will show us the ego is nothing.

By understanding and accepting the ego’s nothingness is how we bring everyday miracles into our lives.

The ego has its worshipers believe it can offer them escape by looking “out there” to some location for peace and quiet, or for love and forgiveness.

The ego teaches us to “Enjoy it now because it won’t last.”

Or to “Get all you can now because you can’t take it with you.”

Or, “If you don’t do it now you’ll have hell to pay later.”

The Holy Spirit teaches miracle manifestation and it is like this:

There is no hell. Hell is nothing, and so is the ego-based mind.

So by letting go of these wrong-minded perceptions of the world you become open and shift forward to the power of your subconscious mind.

The only hell is in not understanding the present because you are afraid of it, and fear is not real.

Final Thoughts on Overcoming Adversity by Facing the Ego Head on:

The ego mind and its own doubts can’t understand life beyond the body, eagerly looks forward to your death, but is so afraid of its own.

The Holy Spirit leads us steadily everyday miracles in our lives and to the kingdom, just as the ego drives us to hell, or nothingness.

(If you feel this article left you a bit short on what you are trying to understand, please try this related article about being What You Want To Be , and letting go of what is in your way.)

All my best for miracles in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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