Are You Operating by Ego or Holy Spirit? One Holds you Back in Life, the Other Frees You!

When operating by ego you will not here your all-loving Inner Divine Guidance system advising you what to do next.

I’m sure you’ve had those instants when you feel as though you had no cares, no worries, no anxieties, and were perfectly calm and quiet.

Likewise, I’m certain you will agree that it would be Heavenly if we could always have that secure and blissful state of mind.

Or, as I ask in my books, since your understanding of the ego-based thought system have you ever had an instant, however brief it may have been, when you decided to accept the ego as the illusion it is?

I mean just an instant where you accepted time and the material world as not real after all?

A Course in Miracles offers this wonderful principle and is so helpful when clearly understood:

  • “Start now to practice your little part in separating out the holy instant. You will receive very specific instructions as you go along. To learn to separate out this single second, and to experience it as timeless, is to begin to experience yourself as not separate.”

And this is why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation.

These present moment instants where you are not operating by ego are when you are receiving and recognizing a lesson from the Holy Spirit.

This kind of moment free of ego is what A Course in Miracles calls a holy instant.

But sooner or later the ego’s brew of doubt, fear, judgement, and the like, sneaks in to grab your attention.

operating by ego

Start Now making your dreams a reality!

The Holy Spirit’s goal is to help you be more consistent in these holy instants without interruption from the ego.

In time, these instants will lengthen.

When you are able to learn only from the Holy Spirit it becomes a miracle, and you will be a consistent learner no longer needing time to live your true free will.

You might be discouraged, thinking that learning to overlook the ego takes time.

As well, and the results you might hope for from the Holy Spirit are too far into the future.

You may want to give up and continue operating by ego.

This impatient-type thinking is what the ego wants, however.

Instead, try to view this in a more right-minded fashion.

The Holy Spirit uses time in His own way, based on your needs, your level of readiness, and your ability to shift over to right-minded perception.

He uses time as His friend, or as an aid in teaching so you can let go of operating by ego that is filled with fear and doubt.

Remember, the Holy Spirit will use ego devices and ego-based thoughts when He finds them useful for your benefit.

how to let go of ego

Learn why thinking too hard you Will NOT here Spirit guiding you…

There is no wasting of time; when He uses it, He uses every nanosecond in His teaching.

Any waste of time you sense is your identification with the ego, which uses time for destruction…

And this letting go of operating by ego is the mindset, or the habits of successful people who have ever walked this planet!

Final Note on Aligning to Spirit and Letting Go of Ego:

Remember, why operating by ego will block you from those instants when you feel as though you had no cares, no worries, no anxieties, etc…

The ego will use time to convince you that there is not enough of it.

Likewise the ego will insist that anything at all you do experience will come to an end.

Here’s a related article to help you with the idea of salvation—to be saved from what? 

for your best life ever

Yes, no cares, no worries, no anxieties, etc…


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