Second Coming will Prove You Are Already Divine and Heavenly

Many have fearful notions of the Second Coming or Last Judgement, where rather it will be our grand realization as a whole that we are the Christ Mind.

In other words, we are already Divine, but simply are not yet aware of it.

This is why for now the Holy Spirit within us—and not outside us has the task of undoing our separated mind called ego.

But first He must undo all of our false perceptions to help us slowly awaken from the dream of separation—which we can say is the dream of life in this world.

In exile from true Reality we can say.

To do this, He uses the same methods of operation the ego uses, except with truth. 

The method is through a “feeling realization” that is understood by our abstract thoughts.  Much of our belief in falsehood stems from things that cannot be physically touched. 

These are our concrete ways of learning. 

The concrete is where false perceptions are born—just like my first take on William in the jail cell which I describe in and elaborate on in my 2nd book of the ever-developing series, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom: Lessons from A Course in Miracles.

A step now for you in perceiving truth is your understanding that one level of your mind is not understandable to another level. 

Wrong-minded perception filled with anxiousness, or the ego, does not understand right-minded blissful perception, or the Holy Spirit. 

This other related article on anxiety and unhappiness discusses the ego’s plan is the opposite of God’s plan and is full of mental stress. 

The ego, believing in time, does not recognize the Holy Spirit’s knowledge of eternity. 

And this is HUGE in why I urge you to seek out how to do mindfulness meditation!

The Holy Spirit has compassion for this condition, however, and as we already said, the Holy Spirit does have a function for His use of time, which is to arrange events within the dream. 

This is necessary in His slow awakening process. A Course in Miracles helps us more clearly see that time is a belief of the ego, so the lower mind, which is the ego’s domain, accepts it without question. 

However, there is one aspect of time that the Holy Spirit shows us as eternal, and that is “now.” 

Now is always now, and is never past or future.  When you walk up a flight of steps, each step you incur is “now,” and no previous or future step is involved. 

The “now” is as close as we can exist physically to eternity. The now gives us a taste of it.

Could it be said that when you focus on the now, you are witnessing eternity, where time has no meaning at all? 

Would you dare to believe that this exactly the reflective state of mind creating the habits of successful people, I mean the most influential who ever walked the earth? 

Can we take this even further to say that wherever there is “now,” is where our abstract thinking can see God? 

Yes, of course!  “Now,” ask your abstract thoughts what He looks like.

The Holy Spirit is the mediator between the interpretations of the ego and your knowledge of your own spirit. 

His ability to deal with signs and symbols enables Him to work with us on the ego’s level, and in its own language. 

Therefore He performs for us the function of reinterpreting what the ego makes and believes, by using our own abstract thinking.

The ego is not evil, just illusory in its wrong-mindedness, dreaming of fantasy where much of our traditional thinking sprouts from. 

The concrete is all the ego can see, because it’s all it thinks. 

The ego has taught us for centuries to believe only in the concrete—for example that the Second Coming of Christ will be a physical event.

The ego in us all sees where an actual man will appear on a mountaintop, wearing a shield and a sword, slashing the bad to his left and protecting the good to his right side.          

The Holy Spirit uses truth and knowledge of the abstract–a sense within us that reinterprets the ego’s “non-sense,” for us to see that the Second Coming of Christ does not involve a man or a woman, but rather is merely the full awakening of all minds. 

The Second Coming where Total Oneness Will be Realized  

It will be an event where the One Thought by all will know of no gain or loss, good or bad. 

Duality or separation will have no meaning at all.  This will finally be full and complete Atonement—as a joyous event, and not a judgmental process with dishing out punishment.

The dream of humankind and sin will be over and the interlocking chain of all minds—as One whole mind is what will remain, where all that exists is Love and Truth as one.  Always “now;” eternity.

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Final Thought on Awakening to Your Life Dream:

When we can more clearly understand the second coming of Christ in an abstract meaning instead of concrete can our dreams be lived.

To your best life ever, 

James Nussbaumer

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