Light of Spiritual Guidance Sprouts Spiritual Growth for the Life You Want

The Light of Spiritual Guidance is the power of your subconscious mind, and which sprouts spiritual growth is understanding the Light,—and together bring about true knowledge. 

This is not the light you see with the body’s eyes. 

It is the light that is your state of mind.  

A Course in Miracles helps us see that our state of mind is either seeing darkness or seeing light. 

The darkness is not you, but you are the light. 

If you see the light you are experiencing spiritual guidance and seeing your real self.

Sure, and not what the ego has made for you to see. 

The light is always there because you are always you, and the Holy Spirit is in this light because He abides in you: He is you. 

spiritual guidance

Always be searching deep within about how you may serve.

Many have not known this. 

It is therefore the task of the Holy Spirit in you to show you the Source from which your light emanates. 

Consider this: A ray of sun is a beautiful sight and so are you, and the ray of sun is one with, and of, the sun, from which it extends, or emanates.

In order for you to know spiritual freedom, you must take the step to have knowledge of that which you cannot understand yourself, alone

This is a must, because you cannot experience spiritual guidance and be free!

I mean that you cannot know real freedom if you remain detached from your rightful place within the Sonship, which is of God.

You are not like the ray of sun alone, which the sun itself shines forth.  All individual sun rays are illusory. 

There is only one ray emanating from the sun; however there are clouds that cause the separation of that single ray. 

You and I and our sisters/brothers are that one ray that emanates from its Source.  We must not fear the cloud that wants to cover us, hoping to keep us separated from each other and our Source.

This is your life, your eternity, and yourself.  It is this the Holy Spirit reminds us of.  It is this the Holy Spirit sees. 

And this is the way for thinking, the habits of successful people who to this day and ever have walked among us.

When you begin to accept this spiritual guidance it will frighten the ego in you.

Yes, because this type of vision is very calm and the ego-based mind doesn’t know how to handle a life free of doubt and fear.

Sound familiar?  

Peace is the ego’s greatest enemy, because its reality is all about fighting for survival. Breaking free of the ball and chain, we can say.

I also suggest discovering related articles on topics such as: If you want to end your heart and spirit crying out to where you’re stuck and not getting anywhere, you have to start honoring that quiet answer from Spirit within you that wants you to experience peace, happiness and success. 

This is why it wants to believe its flesh and bones will one day be called to rise, after it has already turned to dust. 

This and many other beliefs are its only way of seeing itself to be eternal, and the ego strives hard to maintain its illusion.  But even in its strife it is fearful, because its illusions cannot protect it from the unknown.

making your life dream a reality

Learn why we all have the power to live our true potential.

If you believe there is strife in you, then you will react viciously, because you have the idea of danger in your mind. 

The idea itself is an appeal to the ego. 

The Holy Spirit is as alert and watchful as the ego to the call of danger, opposing it with His strength, just as the ego welcomes it.

This is exactly why I always suggest that you learn breathing meditation exercises, to get you to that place within where you can see what you need to do next! 

Meditation exercises when done in truth, helps you see that the Holy Spirit counters this welcome by welcoming peace. 

Eternity and peace are as closely related as time is to war. 

Eternity and peace will always win because they truly are all that exists. 

When a war is over, regardless of who won or lost, eternity and peace are still your residence, unchanged and unharmed.

You owe it to yourself to seach further on how to metaphysically see the second-coming of Christ and realize that you are already divine: 

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