Advantages of Meditation for Success in Life and for Society as a Whole

How well received are the advantages of meditation today for one’s success in life and for a better world?

People from all strolls of life, in all the nations of the world belonging to all the possible religious beliefs, meditate for a wide range of reasons.

The same method offers something various to each according to his intentions and requirements.

Remember that A Course in Miracles states: “Salvation is for the mind, and it is attained through peace.”

A few of the advantages of meditation and motives for which people meditate today are:

1. To unwind the body, mind and rejuvenate one’s circulation of energy in order to more effectively face the duties of one’s demanding and active life.

2. To heal illnesses (particularly psychosomatic ones).

3. To conquer emotional issues.

4. To develop a more relaxed and positive view towards life.

5. To develop a serene and more clearly functioning mind.

6. For higher ability to permeate into the core of issues and find inspirational services. This has been found particularly helpful by scientists and business people.

7. To tune into an imaginative inspirations for artistic expression.

8. Totally free oneself from dependencies such as cigarettes, alcohol, tranquilizers and narcotics.

9. To cleanse one’s character.

10. To establish will-power.

11. As an approach of self-observation and self-discovery.

12. To develop the latent powers of the mind.

13. To create a relationship with God.

14. To develop an inner relationship with the Divine.

15. For spiritual growth, self-knowledge or enlightenment.

16. To go beyond the recognition with the mind and body, and experience spiritual truths.

17. For the euphoria of union with the Universal Spirit, which is the essential truth of deepest inner core about you. 

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Next, let’s look deeper into benefits within the body. Likewise one’s state of mind when learning how to do mindfulness meditation, among others.

Scientific Research on the Advantages of Meditation on the Body and Personality

Various clinical experiments on people who practice meditation and similar control groups who do not meditate, have actually given repeatable results concerning the impacts of meditation on an individual’s body and character.

Most of the list below research studies have been made on persons practicing Transcendental Meditation.

(However, my individual opinion after many years of practicing different forms consisting of T.M., is that many kinds of meditation will offer the very same outcomes).

1. DEEP PHYSIOLOGICAL REST is revealed by an unique drop in the metabolic process rate. I’m saying, as measured by the oxygen usage by an individual in meditation, waking hypnosis, activity and sleep.

2. Another indicator of the deep rest is that the variety of breaths needed to be taken each minute throughout meditation drops substantially.

3. Great news for those with heart problems is that meditation is likewise extremely relaxing and invigorating for the heart.

4. Another sign of the deep rest produced by meditation is the considerable drop in the blood lactate level. The lower the lactate level the more rested and renewed is the muscle tissue.

5. Tests reveal meditation’s deep calming effect through the decline in skin conductivity.

6. Brain wave measurements throughout meditation reveal a greater occurrence of alpha waves suggesting a relaxing alertness.

There is a sense of peace and yet a wakeful awareness in one’s environment.

7. Another scientific study of the advantages of meditation revealed that meditation causes greater communication. Likewise interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain.

8. Maybe the best recorded and well known advantages of meditation concern its ability to lower high blood pressure in those with high blood pressure.


9. In the long run both the heart rate and breathing rate develop a slower rate as the body experiences less mental-emotional tension and discovers to waste less energy.

The body ends up being more relaxed and more effective.

10. Persons who practice meditation experience much more steady health. They have less illnesses in basic in their lives.


11. Studies have actually also revealed that those who meditate frequently respond quicker and better to a difficult occasion.

12. Meditation also increases one’s ability and motor efficiency.

13. Research studies on university students showed that those who practiced meditation had a higher “intelligence development rate” than those who did not.

14. Memory recall is likewise boosted by meditation.

15. Lots of mental studies have been made in workplace concerning meditators and control groups of non-meditators.

Meditators had above average boosts in PERFORMANCE, Improvement in their relationships with coworkers.

16. A large number of psychological tests have actually been done on those who have been meditating for numerous time periods.

A test made on those who had been meditating for just 2 months in comparison to non-meditators produced the following outcomes: a. Meditators had greater inner-directedness than non meditators.b.

They determined higher self acceptance.c. Greater spontaneity and creativity.d. Greater self-esteem. e.

An increase in the capacity for intimate contact with liked ones.f. Less stress and anxiety.

17. Detainees who looked meditation showed: a. A marked decrease in psychological illness.b.

Their behavior ended up being more socially acceptable.c. Less anxiety and less aggressiveness.d. Became inclined to more positive activities such as sports, clubs and educational activities.


18. After 3 to 5 weeks of meditation, meditators with high blood pressure have actually found their high blood pressure fall.

19. A group of meditators who had been suffering from bronchial asthma discovered significant relief.

20. Meditators checked for their consumption of cigarettes after starting to practice meditation showed significant decline.

21. Advantages of meditation significantly decreases ones require for or dependence on tranquilizers. alcohol and or drugs.

22. Other tests made on meditators reveal that they need much less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation.

23. Meditators reveal significant reduction in the health problem after beginning meditation.

24. Advantages of meditation revealed greatly increased capability to recuperate from psychosomatic health problems.

25. Insomniacs who begin meditation require much less time to go to sleep.

26. A research study on professional athletes revealed that, after starting to practice meditation, there was an enhancement in their efficiency on different athletic occasions as well as their intelligence as measured by intelligence tests.

27. In another research study it was found that meditation has the propensity to normalize an individual’s weight.

That is if he is overweight, he tends to loose, and if he is underweight, he tends to gain.


The conclusion is apparent.

Meditation increases whatever is excellent and life supporting in an individual.

It enhances our immune system, harmonizes our endocrine system and relaxes our nervous system.

It develops health and vigor.

On a psychological level it develops inner peace, clearness, confidence, self-acceptance, creativity, performance and eventually higher self-actualization.

It makes our workplace more satisfying, enhances our relationships with subordinates, coworkers and managers. 

Another indication of the deep rest produced by meditation is the significant drop in the blood lactate level.

Brain wave measurements throughout meditation show a higher occurrence of alpha waves showing a peaceful alertness.

In one other study it was discovered that meditation has the tendency to normalize effective weight-loss. 

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To a better life with meditation,

James Nussbaumer

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