Mental Stress and Sources of Unhappiness may be Your World of Fantasy

Believe it or not, the ego has set up a plan for you involving mental stress to help you find your way in this world.

The ego with a foundation of fear and doubt, and it’s a grandiose plan for salvation will keep you feeling stress.

The ego’s plan centers on holding grievances and always involving some sort of conflict.

This is why the ego’s plan is always “Seek but do not find”– thus assuring us we will not find the life we are seeking.

The ego’s plan is the opposite of God’s plan and is full of mental stress.

We’ve already discussed in a previous article here at this link, that salvation is being able to acknowledge one thing

It’s that you are being guided by the Holy Spirit as you live your own true free will. He helps you seek out only what you will absolutely find.

The ego’s plan for forgiveness, also filled with mental stress, is also fantasy and is surely grandiose.

Some may claim to draw spirits through themselves. Or may use chanting or ceremonies said to draw the attention of spirits, saints, or God.

I mean, as though the Divine is outside of ourselves somewhere and requires convincing to come to our aid.

A theologian may insist that every one of us is a sinner.

Likewise, use the fear of condemnation while urging us to repent to effect healing.

A psychotherapist is more likely to make us believe that our attack thoughts are real.

Just as well, as both therapist and patient work to uncover the dark sources of our unhappiness.

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The theologian instructs us to look for a distant light “out there.” Always, while emphasizing sacrifice so we may be rewarded that the light will shine upon us.

The psychotherapist wishes to help us find our light by analyzing the darkness.

Both are missing the point, and certainly missing the Holy Spirit, who can not be found “out there.”

Or in the darkest realm of the psyche: the ego-based world of fantasy.

Healing begins by perceiving the Light. Yes, and then translating that perception into clearness of mind.

And then by continually extending it and accepting the clarity for what it is. There is not a single ancient writing that can prove your certainty.

The Course in Miracles gives us this lesson by asking:

  • “Have you really considered how many opportunities you have had to gladden yourself, and how many of them you have refused?” 

Believe it or not, the ego has set up a plan for you filled with the fear and doubt that breeds more mental stress.

The ego thinks to help you find your way in this world with mental stress.

But it’s a grandiose plan for inner freedom and salvation.

The ego’s plan is the opposite of God’s plan and is full of feeling stress and it controlling you; as well, holding you back in life from true happiness.

The ego-based mind’s plan centers on winning at conflict by holding grievances.

This is why the ego’s plan is always, “Seek but do not find.”

All this sort of seeking will do is make sure you do not find happiness. The ego’s plan for forgiveness is also fantasy and is surely grandiose.

Final Note on Finding Happiness:

Healing mental stress begins by perceiving the true Light within you then translating that perception into clearness of mind for the life you truly want.

The Holy Spirit’s plan for forgiveness is filled with God given Grandeur that can never be of the mental stress of grandiosity.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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