Reaching Your Full Potential by Consciousness while Being the Real YOU!

If you’re like many everywhere you want to begin reaching your full potential and truly feel successful.

Wayne W. Dyer who is no longer with us in this world taught me many creative thought processes: Yes, like Many still live with a scarcity mindset filled with thoughts of lack.

Yet, many others have had success by truly realizing true consciousness. Yes, but also feel that they’ve not achieved full potential levels of advancement, and still longing for more.

This article is intended to show you that it’s impossible to reach your full potential without realizing the power of the universe, within you, yet beyond the body.

You must increase your knowledge and take action on learning to be all you can be.

All-time great golfer Jack Nicklaus, reached his best because he trained and studied each day as a commitment to himself. Think about the many other high achievers who learned the secret.

Many humans question, “Are we all we need.”

Yes, in order to begin reaching your full potential many do believe that above and beyond we are all we need.

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Are We All We Need?

Do you need anything to make you more whole and at-one with creation, where you are reaching your full potential?

We are always so filled with questions about what holds together the power of the universe?

People often question things like will we ever find life on another planet? Is it possible that there is a life form “out there,” somewhere that we may connect with and learn from.

Really, I believe that we all realize our true inner power, but many of us aren’t sure how to to tap into it. 

And we ask, “But are we whole the way we are?”

Love and wholeness must be the way God wanted it to be, because how can God be of conflict?

A Course in Miracles states, “Praise be to you who make the Father one with His Own Son.”

Let me assure you if you are truly happy, perhaps have found the right mate, right career, right financial situation, and so on, you are truly reflecting Heaven, feeling whole when you are reaching your full potential.

Power of the Universe

Don’t we always seem to know that there is a great power of the universe and beyond which we cannot seem to explain, find difficult to contemplate, that will always take care of us?

Two hearts beating as one, making love, a connecting consciousness, if you will, there is NO greater feeling that one can experience. The most intimate relationship you have with your significant other.

You feel so alive, like you can conquer the world.

But no, I believe we are not all we need, you need a mate you can feel whole with before you are reaching your full potential.

If you have no friends then life would be awful boring and your life wouldn’t be much fun. You’d always be thinking like, “There’s got to be more,” and this certainly is not your full potential.

You see, I believe that we are not all we need, that there is much more to life than being alone.

To just think about things and focus on the things that you may need to get things done does require some quiet time, and is why I urge you to learn mindfulness meditation techniques. 

Are you really feeling that connecting consciousness?

Yes, at times we need to be alone, but not always, and just think how boring that would be and I think it would drive most people crazy.

Be thankful for your family, friends and friendly people you encounter throughout your days, and know it is the way God wanted it and be.

Be thankful for what you have!

The more you give thanks for what you have, the more inspired you’ll be for reaching your full potential, and doing the things necessary to continue advancing you forward.

Try to see that we are all interconnected down deep—a connecting consciousness at-one.

Certainly, and each of us is unique individually while we are here in this world.

Yet we also have so much in common and are connected and made up of the same stuff and the same power of the universe holding us all together. It’s what saves us!

A Course in Miracles teaches, “You will learn salvation because you will learn how to save.”

It’s the connecting consciousness LIFE FORCE that we must take personal, and which I discuss in detail in my books.

So please know that reaching your full potential through the connecting consciousness called pure love is the answer to all of life’s questions.

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