Course in Miracles is Wonderful Self-Psychotherapy for Inner Strength

A Course in Miracles is wonderful self-psychotherapy for strength, spiritual growth and inner healing. The spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons of ACIM has helped many realize their inner beauty. If you begin discovering who you are it may stunningly uncover your purpose in life. Here’s how: What do you desire to attract into your life? […]

Books Can Fill the Spiritual Well – Yes for Being All You Can Be

She, or he, as a scholar, undoubtedly experiences times when the well of wisdom and inspiration run dry. The more discussions I had with clergy members, both female and male, the more I came to understand something crucial. It’s that they utilize a variety of tools to help fill and enhance their wells of spirituality […]

Heaven Is You: What Else Could your Real Home Be?

Heaven Is You Heaven is all that God created. He did not create It to be separate from us. It’s not a location nor is it a condition. It’s an awareness of perfect oneness and is the knowledge that there is nothing else. There is nothing that can ever exist outside the oneness, and nothing […]

How to Remove Fear from Mind through Perfect Love of Life

How to remove fear from mind about anything going on in your life was a question we explored at a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar. Is perfect love the answer to why we fear of losing someone we love, and how can we grasp this strength more easily. Too, how can the idea of the wholeness […]