Christ Consciousness Waits for You and Comes to the Rescue

I found that real Christ Consciousness comes to the rescue when we become overwhelmed by events that we only think shake who we are to the core. Hemingway wrote, “The worst death is the loss of what formed one’s center.” We only seem to lose what formed our centers. This seeming loss of one’s reality […]

Greater Awareness and Self Discovery Achieved in an Instant …

Greater Awareness and Self Discovery Achieved in an Instant by Connecting with your Spirit Guide I keep in mind one time how impressed I was for reaching greater awareness. The approaches which I tap into my greater awareness for self discovery are simple. I recommend spiritual awareness through meditation practices. I always strive to feel […]

Understanding the Holy Spirit: Another Way of Looking at the World

Many people have confusion about understanding the Holy Spirit. In a discussion at a recent webinar about the true power of mind and on concepts all about the Holy Spirit, some had stated, “When I consider The Christ, I think about the Divine Spirit of God.” Others asked, can you please help explain the Holy […]

Spiritual Consciousness Freedom: Awaken to the Individual you Want to Be

The term spiritual consciousness is a wide principle with area for lots of point of views. Generally, finding spirituality in spiritual consciousness consists of a feeling of linking to that Something larger compared to ourselves, and it generally includes a look for significance in life. In our transition to spiritual consciousness freedom and spiritual needs, we […]

Sense of Spirituality Today for Discovering Inner Peace and Happiness

If you are not achieving that sense of spirituality today then keep reading this article for some hints on happiness. Are you among those people who is still trying to find self-understanding and looking for inner peace? Are you struggling with mindfulness and to understand lots of elements of your life and seem lost even […]

Course in Miracles is Wonderful Self-Psychotherapy for Inner Strength

A Course in Miracles is wonderful self-psychotherapy for strength, spiritual growth and inner healing. The spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons of ACIM has helped many realize their inner beauty. If you begin discovering who you are it may stunningly uncover your purpose in life. Here’s how: What do you desire to attract into your life? […]

Books Can Fill the Spiritual Well – Yes for Being All You Can Be

She, or he, as a scholar, undoubtedly experiences times when the well of wisdom and inspiration run dry. The more discussions I had with clergy members, both female and male, the more I came to understand something crucial. It’s that they utilize a variety of tools to help fill and enhance their wells of spirituality […]