How to Be Aligned with the Holy Spirit – the Universal Inspiration – the Power Within You

We try to comprehend the power  within and to be aligned with the Holy Spirit.

But as humans the attempt to wholly come to grips with this psychological and divine aspect within us all is inadequate.

What I have experienced through my ongoing in-depth study of A Course in Miracles is that, the Holy Spirit is our inner link to the wholeness and oneness of God.

Yes, we can reach our inner true Self through a reflective state of mind, or what some may term the power of attraction.

But  the point is, to get the life we want, we can use reflection to bring into the world what it is we truly do want, instead of what we absolutely DO NOT want.

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As humans we are ego-based with a belief in separation and are not completely whole, but we do, however so slightly, at times, sense the Holy Spirit’s healing powers.

Get the Life you Want by Being Aligned with the Holy Spirit

When you help out a friend, as my longtime friend, Ron, had helped me when I spent 8 long years in prison, you are healing yourself.

Ron did everything he could to not only send in to me the writing supplies I needed, but he consistently consulted with Judges and lawyers until they could see the light.

Likewise and open their eyes to the overtly political prison sentence slammed on me.

Ron was instrumental in eventually getting me released.

A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit’s Love is your strength, for yours is divided and therefore not real.”

Accepting and acting on this strength is to be aligned with the Holy Spirit, or we may say receiving the Holy Spirit.

This is healing in action is miracle mindfulness, because the Mind of the Holy Spirit is also the mind of you and your friend.

Can you feel how all this takes place within your true essence, and not somewhere out there?

When you are able to feel this and not think or analyze it, you will have learned that you are eternal life.

So while in this world we find our happy and successful way by being aligned with the Holy Spirit.

Learn to Possess the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This is so, because eternity cannot exist without you and me.

If you do begin to analyze this, you need to stop the moment you notice it. Then, allow your essence and feelings to flow over that thinking.

Only our ego-based mind—the “doubting Thomas” aspect in us all, will try to analyze this.

Any analyzing you do is always of the brain, which is the body.

But your mind is your sense of eternity, without need for flesh and bones.

Think about how you feel after a great workout session, yoga, meditation, or even, hey, a great bicycle ride.

So, now, think about this truly, I mean with adrenaline flowing, but of a calm nature, like, say, this: Can you remember where you were when you first noticed a shooting star streak across the sky? Or heard a wood hen echoing in the woods?

The awe of that instant was a place within you that was not outside of you.

Even as you read my words and searched within yourself for a memory of such an awe, where were you?

It was some time in your past when you went there, but as you sense it, somehow you are still there.

Even if it is only for an instant, you are there, and aligned with the Holy Spirit.

Final Thoughts on Aligning to Your Divine Spirit:

To reach our inner true Self which is to be aligned with the Holy Spirit through a reflective state of mind, or what some term the power of attraction.

Your spirit is of this awe, which is of your mind, and is the essence of Who you are that makes you whole.

What is your spirit?

It is your true free will.

The Holy Spirit is the guiding Mind to provide the means necessary to fulfill your free will, in an instant.

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To your true free will.

All my best,

James Nussbaumer

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