Channeling Your Higher-Self by Tuning in to Spiritual Consciousness for a Better Life

Often we erroneously believe of channeling your higher self being only what special or holy individuals are able to do. It is typical to naturally channel the same thought process as your family and of those others whom you admire.

It’s often the case that we carry with us the same thought pattern of a group of politicians or a religion.

When you download a podcast or even tune in to a specific station on radio or TV, you are channeling that broadcast message through a frequency.

It is the frequency you tune into that identifies what you hear and what you see.

How successful people grow is learning that the mind operates in very much the exact same method as tuning into a frequency which is consciousness.

But as humans in this world we have just two types of frequency or consciousness—one is real and eternal, and the other is called ego which is human made.

The ego dies at some point and never has been or ever will be at-one with eternity.

The ego consciousness is the frequency, or, consciousness, that comes from the set-in-concrete mind, which consists of all our limiting beliefs filled with worry, fear and self-doubt, and judgement.

A mind that lives by judgement of self and others can never learn to begin channeling your higher self.  

The ego-based consciousness is our dreaming separated self, our unreal self always assuming and making projections while seeking for safety.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “The projection of the ego makes it appear as if God’s Will is outside yourself, and therefore not yours.”

As humans we discovered how to be separate from each other and our Creator and needed to project or assume ways to have control over love, preventing discomfort, and feeling safe.

Our ego separated or dreaming self is a closed circuit – it runs on old information that we obtained as we were growing up.

Being Open to Spiritual Consciousness

Being afraid to grow and be truly highly effective, the ego-based mind remains stuck on information that is not appropriate and even true.

It is never open to newer ideas of spiritual consciousness, and is not open to the real truth that it so desperately fears.

Channeling your higher self means the station that uses the unrestricted and unlimited principles of higher-self communication from the universe.

The power of the universe offers you spiritual consciousness so you may begin becoming your higher-self through awakening to higher consciousness.

Channeling your higher self takes advantage of the Source of reality that is constantly here to assist us in our greatest inner greatness.

How do you tune your frequency for connecting with your higher-self?

We have all the option either choose the lower frequency or consciousness of our ego-based mind, or to the high frequency of our higher-consciousness.

The Course in Miracles states, “You make by projection, but God creates by extension.”

This is your power of choice.

(Here’s more appropriate blog material on that Stream of Higher Consciousness and how to listen to your inner voice.) 

The choice for staying stuck in past ways for thinking, or for being open-minded to spiritual consciousness is up to you.

  • The choice to seek for love with the discomfort of some kind of controlling habits.
  • The choice to truly love and care for ourselves and others.

The choice to have control over love and preventing pain decreases our frequency and keeps us stuck in our concrete continually splitting and separating mind – called the ego.

We choose this man-made consciousness when we choose to have control over love and avoiding discomfort.

The moment you choose to discover deeper within you, far within from the surface of the body about love, you begin channeling your higher-self. 

Yes, you raise your higher-self communication, or, frequency, if you will, and are able to live by real spiritual consciousness.

For example, while some of the details and information we may get from an Internet Podcast is real and some is not, all of the information we receive from the higher-consciousness frequency is real.

Yes, channeling your higher self comes from the Source of Truth.

The only thing that stops us from selecting the higher-self communication is our addiction to manage.

The ego-based mind desires control over our sensations, over others’ actions and sensations, and over the outcome of things.

When your desire for control is greater than your desire to be loving to yourself and others, and higher than your desire to reside in truth, you will stay stuck in the ego-based concrete consciousness.

The ego-based mind is afraid to learn about channeling your higher self and becoming your higher-self and informs us that we can have control over things that we actually have no control over – others and outcomes.

While we can have some control over our feelings with various dependencies, this only causes higher misery.

Higher Consciousness Guiding through this World

The Course in Miracles further states, “Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God? You will accept only whom you invite.”

“Certainly you are free to determine who shall be your guest, and how long he shall remain with you.”

Our truly loving sensations are from our inner Guide of higher consciousness, letting us understand when we are on track or off track in our thinking and habits.

Your inner Guide helps you to understand that suppressing them with dependencies merely cause more discomfort.

Learn to tap into the power of your mind to lead the life you want to live by listening to and trusting your higher consciousness–you inner Guidance system while in this world.

When you live your life by channeling your higher self you will begin finding happiness at every corner and feeling wonderful about living a life of purpose and passion.

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To higher Self communication,

James Nussbaumer

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