Self-Esteem Exercises Practiced by Enlightenment Thinkers

An etheric body, likewise called the aura, surrounds every person, and is great to understand for self-esteem exercises. This energy field of spiritual enlightenment is believed to be made up of your emanations, your vital divine imagination.

It’s what Eastern religious and spiritual beliefs call Prana, the Chinese call Chi and the popular religious beliefs call the Soul.

A whole New Age industry for self-esteem exercises has sprung up around the idea of taking electro-magnetic pictures of these phenomena using Electromagnetic imaging.

Channeling your higher-self and psychics take hints from the colors exposed in these photos to detect and analyze physical, psychological and spiritual conditions.

This resembles a bubble of light that is typically sealed by a slightly thicker membrane that preserves the autonomy of the entity.

Imagine a soap bubble filled with light and you get the concept.

Others have extremely tall auras that seem to extend up to and beyond 5.75 feet above their head.

All the chakras play crucial roles in maintaining the health of the aura, however the chakra straight associated with interaction with angels is the Crown Chakra.

Above the Crown Chakra, hovering several feet above your head is believed to be the source of what is usually called the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination, the Holy Guardian Angel, or the center of Christ Consciousness.

Consider your Own Divine Imagination

This as self-esteem exercises can be used as visualizing an arch of golden light that originates rays down through the Crown Chakra.

In order to gain in these self-esteem exercises is to envision you as being of that light.

For this to happen the crown chakra needs to be open to get exactly what the Buddhists call spiritual enlightenment.

One way to understand the self-esteem help of enlightenment thinkers is the idea of the Chakra system is to picture that there is a string of various colored Christmas lights, connected from your base chakra up through your body to the crown of your head.

Connected to that is an extension that further plugs into this power source about several feet above you.

After all, what is imagination?

The idea as self-esteem exercises is to send out light up those bulbs by plugging into your energy source.

That golden arch of light several feet above your head is exactly what extends and communicates with other minds on your behalf, as well as to the Holy Spirit—as the Course in Miracles terms your inner divine Self.

Some may say, “angels.”

Great for Self-Esteem Help

(Here’s more blog material for how to get self-esteem help just with feel good words and reflective state of mind.) 

It sends messages to your chakras that in turn handle concerns of survival, sexuality, and higher-self communication, your capability to receive or offer love, self-expression, second sight and the capability to receive divine guidance.

These kinds of self-esteem exercises are stated to have awakened your Kundalini if you handle to plug into this higher source and light up all your chakras.

The golden arch of light known as the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination or the center of Christ consciousness relates extremely strongly to the Heart Chakra, which is seen as an identification of light and the 3rd Chakra.

The 3rd chakra is utilized as a kind of bellows to energize the heart chakra each time you take a breath inside your body.

Stimulating the 4th and 3rd chakras, by managing the breath is though to open the Crown Chakra so that it can get the light and wisdom of the messages sent from the greater inner self to the physique.

This path forms a sort of circuitry that stimulates and strengthens your connection to your greater self and the angels.

To open your Crown Chakra for Self-Esteem exercises

 I suggest you try the following simple standard workout:

Inhale and as you do, think of the white warm golden light that I am going to call the Higher Self hovering several feet about your head.

Now imagine that there is another warm ball of yellow light glowing in your upper belly (your solar plexus.).

As you breathe out envision the Higher Self light shooting a Star Trek-like sharp focused beam of light, directly down through the crown of light that is in your solar plexus.

For the next seven to nine breaths, picture energy shooting up from your solar plexus location to the Sun above your head as you breathe in, and the energy shooting back down with each exhale.

Envision your entire stomach location filled with a brilliant, honey-colored, warm golden light.

Now envision your heart’s center as a little golden ball or pinpoint of light.

Each time you breathe in, your solar plexus reaches for that energy from the Higher Self in the sky.

Now when you breathe out, the super-charged solar plexus chakra sends energy back up towards your heart.

The light in your heart resembles a little shining star that gets brighter and bigger with each breath.

Perhaps, if you’d like in your mind, as the Course in Miracles suggests, the Star of Bethlehem.

For self-esteem exercises you are raising yourself up by feeding the heart’s center, utilizing the solar plexus chakra as a conduit for the energy from the higher self.

With each breath that you breathe out, this light in your heart chakra grows brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger … until it begins to look like a little fountain.

This water fountain shoots white light upwards, greater and greater, till it releases a spray of light that falls from the crown (the top of your head) to your feet.

Whenever you breathe out, your body is showered in a spray of rainbow colored lights. Picturing a water fountain of diamonds is constantly excellent.

By now, each time as you breathe, the following series should be happening: you inhale and send solar plexus energy up through the crown of your head to the Higher Self several feet above your head.

You exhale and the Higher Self sends out energy downwards to the solar plexus which sends energy to the heart’s center which blows up in a fountain of light that distributes to the top of head.

These kinds of meditations can be great self-esteem exercises.

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To spiritual enlightenment,

James Nussbaumer

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