How to Hear from God by Letting Go of Your Inner Critic

There are few individuals who accomplish how to hear from God, I mean real knowledge, an awareness that we all have, while in this world. Many are obscuring this awareness because the ego-based mind has a drive to believe more in the body than the whole and real conscious mind.

The ego in us all as humans is very resistant to suggestions from the how to listen to your inner voice.

This is since messages from the inner voice are how to hear from God and do manifest as gut feelings, if you will, or hunches, and the “orders” typically are often viewed by the ego-based subconscious as “absurd.”

The ego-mind is unreal, but thinks it is truthful and real, and knows nothing about real eternity.

If you live by the belief that we live in a universe where there is a cause and effect theory, then nothing is difficult to attain for you.

When you find yourself helpless, and listening to your inner critic—the ego-based mind, piling on effects of guilt, you are covering or obscuring the light of the Holy Spirit in you.

Spirit is always there, it is a light that never goes out, but all too often we allow our inner critic to block or severely obscure that light.

The ego-based mind filled with the fear of God and doubt and judgement, is really soaked up with its critical self.

It is the critical fearful self that is hugely responsible for developing obscurity to the light of prosperity.

The Course in Miracles states, “Reflections are seen in light. In darkness they are obscure, and the meaning seems to lie only in shifting interpretations, rather than in in themselves.”

There are numerous blocks to prosperity that are developed by this doubting character about humans. The personality’s resistance to the calls of how to hear from God can be represented by a few phrases:

  • “I am lacking.” This prevails in a personality that experiences low self-confidence and uncertainty.

In this case, there is an inner critic present, probably from youth that constantly firmly insists that the person “made his bed now sleep in it.”

  • “What if I stop working?” This is a dreadful guilt and worry obscurity as it convinces the subconscious mind to attach guilt and worry to success.

This type of personality requires approval from others and is constantly weaving something that backfires into the very best of strategies.

This type of person is always shooting for the golden promise, but never close to the bullseye.

The ego-based mind—that inner critic is restless.                          

Since they do not have the ability to create the time to plan their objectives and goals, this kind of individual feels overwhelmed and doesn’t put plans into place for results.

These kinds of people frequently experience a prosperity block from guilt and worry, the effects of guilt that takes the kind of a treadmill – living and scraping by one paycheck to the next.

Another common obscurity to the light for how to hear from God involves being like generations past.

If they grow mindfully and supersede the generations before them, numerous individuals have actually been raised to feel guilty.

For many, it is somehow much safer to remain at a certain level of earnings rather than work toward becoming over-all abundant both mindfully and in a material sense.

Guilt and worry avoid these individuals from realizing their full and complete potential, as subconsciously they believe that success will result in loneliness.

Getting rid of prosperity blocks is not easy and typically requires a long talk in between your trusting in how to hear from God, and silencing your ego-based mind like you would a bratty child.

Let your ego-based mind express its worries and see exactly what your inner voice has to state about the matter.

A lot of us don’t trust our feeling realization of how to hear from God, because we often believe we have been trusting too much.

We feel that listening to our heart is precisely those inklings and gut instincts that have led us to our bad monetary circumstances.

Normally this understanding is a deception as primal desires and attachments from the subconscious drive the mind.

The ego-based mind, based on guilt and worry and fear—the doubting Thomas aspect in us, is greedy, primal and loves to damage.

Also typically what the majority of us view, as hunches, are really feelings and compulsions coloring our judgment.

There is no anxiety attached to a true message from how to hear from God.

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A number of us in fact have gut instincts that have been harmed by events from childhood, so we typically hear only what we think will protect us.

The best way to grow like successful people do, is with a mind that is clear of all ego-based feelings.

When you listen to your inner voice and are realizing how to hear from God, you are not normally connected to any type of “suspicious”, emotional or compulsive fearful and doubting feeling.

A sensation of elation may be a warning that your judgment is off the mark and maybe a source of harm on its way toward you.

When you remain in dire straits economically and at an absolute loss as to exactly what to do next, you might want to try inner dialogue with the Holy Spirit.

As the Course in Miracles teaches us, “Never be afraid to go within.”

The most common way to let go of a burden is to give it to the Holy Spirit, and He will undo it for you, is what the Course in Miracles teaches.

Some individuals likewise describe this as “offering it to the universe,” and that’s great.  

You can say something like this in meditation or prayer:

  • “Holy Spirit please undo these thoughts that are giving me this problem, I give these ego-based thoughts of lack to you to sort out for me.”

That’s it, nothing more you need to do other than trust that your inner Guide, the Holy Spirit, is dealing with the problem on your behalf.

Remember, the Holy Spirit is you, because you are One with God, not separate, and that’s why you have the knowledge for how to hear from God.

(Here’s a Podcast within the article about facing adversity and feelings of hopelessness and despair finally overcome.)

To letting go of your inner critic,

James Nussbaumer

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