Real Love and the Meaning of Life Giving You a Life of Purpose

What is real love and the meaning of life? This may just be one of the most profound questions of our time as we contemplate the conceptual confusion of infinite eternity?  Couldn’t we say that the extension of God is eternity, and as the Beatles said, “God is real love?”

A Course in Miracles teaches us that only that of God is eternally real.  Anything else may seem real, but only inside of time.  This tells us, therefore, that time is unreal and all that truly exists is universal consciousness, which is real love, the meaning of life.

But some equate infinite eternity and its realm to the solar system of planets, stars, and the clusters of galaxies hanging in space like bunches of grapes on the vine. 

Scientists have said that these clusters of separate galaxies hold individual galaxies totaling hundreds of thousands, and are vast light-years away from one another.

This is nothing more than a projected image as well, however, while we dream of life—a projection of what we think is the universe.  If we’re not there to witness it, does it truly exist? 

Anything of the physical is a projected image, and is thus of the separated mind.  And why does the separated mind project images and wish to see them as real? 

Very good, if you’ve answered, “To hide the guilt” of our chosen separate identities from that of our Source.

But don’t get me wrong, that awestruck starry midnight sky you bask in is a reflection of the real love that created you.

A Willing Participant

By accepting the power to extend, and not your body, as being “what you are,” you will have gained the knowledge to remember, and see through the fog of the dream to the Light of your real Self. 

This meaning of life is your vision, your knowledge from universal consciousness that strengthens our interlocking chain—a connectedness of real love. 

A Course in Miracles states, “Each herald of eternity sings of the end of sin and fear. Each speaks in time of what is far beyond it.”

You begin seeing yourself as a willing participant of universal consciousness, and others who are also willing participants in the meaning of life will find you.  This puts you in control of your true free will, a life of purpose.

What are the creations you are capable of, that belong within you?  It’s certainly all the real love you extend by living a life of purpose.  This life of purpose that has come to you from your true free will is what creates miracles.  To create is to love, and real love extends because it cannot be contained.

Meaning of Life

The fact that my physical body was in prison (contained) does not in any way stop or limit my love extending, for example, to my daughter while she nourished her pregnancy. 

Being that we have no limits, our extensions never stop.  They are infinite eternity, or universal consciousness, we may say. 

The true Self, which is beyond the body, is only real love, and can only be of God, where time and space don’t exist. 

Time means nothing in the extension of real love, because it extends regardless of space and time, and real love is not an image our egos can project. 

Ask a child to draw a picture of love and see what you get.

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To the meaning of life,

James Nussbaumer

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