Your Confused Heart can be Healed Fast when Not Sure What to do With Life

When we’re in the dark and not sure what to do with life because of a confused heart, I have found healing readily available.

It is the real meaning of self-forgiveness which sets me free.

I want to discuss how you may easily undo that doubtful and fearful aspect in us all called ego.

It’s a real Heavenly definition for forgiveness of self. Yes, absolutely, to help you get over that hump of feeling lost and confused in life.

By the time you are absorbing this article and, ‘not sure what to do with life,’ I will have already been traveling extensively.

I mean throughout the U.S.A, and in the near future around the globe. And who knows where else I may land?

But wherever you see me you’ll realize I got beyond a confused heart.



It is important that I talk to individuals everywhere who are feeling lost and confused in life.

I want to talk to people about what I have learned and witnessed along my own spiritual journey.

Likewise, and in my journey through a literal hell on earth.

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I’d like more people when asking, what do I want out of life, to understand as the Course in Miracles teaches.

  • “The confusion of functions is so typical of the ego that you should be quite familiar with it by now.”

We may easily undo that doubtful and fearful aspect in us called ego, by simply self-forgiveness.

Yes, real and true forgiveness shines light on the darkness of your confused heart.

The Course in Miracles teaches in its many spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons that forgiveness is defined as: “overlooking by looking beyond” the illusions that we do not want in life.

For those who are already ready like you, perhaps, for pursuing what’s your purpose in life.

Just as well, for those who can glimpse willingness and readiness, if you can remember something oh so crucial.

It is that self-forgiveness is the key to unlocking the door to your own inner depths. Yes, thus healing a confused heart, and answering to: what do I want out of life?

It will be then you will overcome feeling lost and confused in life and begin to live a life that encompasses your own true free will.

You will know your own life of purpose to be your Home.

I’d add as I spoke to readers I seemed to visualize in my head, while feeling not sure what to do with life, that sooner or later the words from my books would be in your hands.

It has happened, and hopefully helping those who are lost and confused in their own way, as I once was.

Or perhaps those who are searching and trying to discover their purpose beyond life challenges.

But feeling lost and confused in life and not certain what it is they actually want to discover. I’m saying that they find their true free will and a life of purpose as I have.

Of course, once you are reading this, my task of writing this article with the video will have been completed.

Yes, indeed, my books await your invitation!

From where I sat, in the dark and often violent and volatile din of the cell block, not sure what to do with life, I’d wonder deeply.

It was, and still with my confused heart, how I will find a publisher who sees it as part of its purpose to get involved.

Then, one day, I received a letter from a mainstream publisher, telling me, they want to publish my books. 

There was tremendous Light now shining on my darkness!

I as well, thought, that, other individuals whom I have not yet met will have to arrive on the scene to help move the process along.

And so they did, and progressively more are now beginning to help with my mission!

I’d see that time of feeling confused and lost in life as a natural progression in my own maturity.

Also, I’ll add, just as the many other adults who arrived to play a role in the maturing of my daughters.

Yes, my little girls, who are now adult women, shocking the world with their grand accomplishments!

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To self-forgiveness,

James Nussbaumer

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