Continue to Strive Easily by Learning How to Focus your Mind for Success

Have you ever gotten down in the dumps as you continue to strive at really big objectives, where you just feel like giving up?

Well that is exactly how I feel today and is why I’m writing this article, to help pick you up a bit when you have minimal or zero goal motivation.

I’ve learned that as humans, sure, we’re all at times going to have darkened thoughts as I am overcoming today.

Yet many individuals lose touch with what they really want to accomplish in life because they have not learned of the power within.

The spirit of light that we all are which drives us along the way, if we can allow it to do so.

But I will add that as I write this article at my blog, I am feeling a surge of light of spirit helping along with the details of this message today.

I just had to face head on those darkened thoughts based on fear and doubt, mostly, and I’ve learned by doing so, I begin to feel better.

But far too many people give up way too early!

These individual goals might include getting rid of addiction, accomplishing and sustaining weight loss.

Perhaps it’s attaining inner peace, manifesting health, or ending up being more successful.

Each new day brings energy to chase down the most evasive of objectives.

And one day, despite your optimism as you continue to strive, you seem to get nowhere.

In spite of the effort of using the tools of empowerment, you understand that you have fallen behind. You realize you’re lacking the goal motivation you need.

You struggle to reach individual goals yet you have not acquired the objective which you set for yourself.

Encountering an obstacle when we continue to strive, even an apparently insurmountable obstacle, doesn’t suggest you are on the incorrect course.

As you absorb this article for its value to you, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “Your peace lies in its limitlessness. Limit the peace you share, and your Self must be unknown to you. Every altar to God is part of you, because the light He created is one with Him.”

All of us experience misery, fear, and doubt, and it is at those times when we’re not realizing that we are God’s Light.

Times where we question the worth of what we do. Moments of temptation to give up. This is where we are obscuring our inner natural light.

I have them, as does each person I deal with. I would wager that everyone striving to become more than they were previously, reaches a crucial time of choice.

Pitying yourself as you continue to strive is okay as long as you have a desire to make changes. I mean by learning how to focus your mind on the life you want to live.

What we frequently fail to see is the value in this pit of misery. This experience of anguish is specifically what is required for personal transformation to occur.

Your thought process as you continue to strive is crucial.

These moments of darkness mean we have actually brought ourselves back to the core of what we believe about ourselves.

The pain of not yet attaining our objectives forces us to look at what we believe to be real about ourselves.

Maybe it’s setting relationship goals that you are falling backwards on and your love relationship or marriage is failing. If that’s the case, here’s a related article to help.

It might be trying to lose weight in a healthy manner, or living up to your full potential, or any number of individual goals.

Possibly it is just plain old feeling better about yourself and your journey through life in this world.

” Something is wrong with me.”

” I never ever get what I want.”

” I can’t seem to get what I desire, no matter what I do. It’s helpless.”

” Who I am is not enough.”

” I don’t belong.”

How we respond to the circumstance as we continue to strive is based on our inner beliefs about ourselves.

This conflict must either be suppressed (by providing up the goal) or the conflict must be dealt with. Meaning the goal is attained or a new thought process ends up being integrated.

It is at this extremely frustrating point, just quitting, or moving forward. Something, that enables you to learn how to focus your mind.

I mean we may say, the option to step into a brand-new belief about yourself. Likewise to  enhance an old belief or thought pattern.

And an inner belief system being threatened can result in a variety of symptoms while you continue to strive.

Yes, the most common being unfavorable thoughts, suicidal thoughts, despondence and low energy.

When we lack goal motivation, panic or stress and anxiety, or stressing far too much over tiny things occurs.

Darkened thoughts need to find the light.

With great modification comes the risk of dealing with the darkness of what we believe about ourselves. In some cases it’s fairly simple to face the darkness and bring light.

In some cases we fall directly into the pit. If you fall in, take a breath and know this experience has fantastic value.

You are only here since you are ready to explore and experience a horrible idea that you have about yourself.

An idea that you can’t have what you want, that your finest isn’t sufficient. Or that no matter what you do things stay hopeless.

Inside the dark hole are concepts you made up about yourself when you were a kid as an attempt to discuss the experience of growing up.

Your spirit is hiding in the darkness, waiting on your return. So if you are in the dark pit of misery you remain in a location of discovery.

I’m saying that you have reached the place in which you have hidden your spirit.

Just you can choose to bring your spirit back into the light.

As you deal with the darkness, will you choose to recover your spirit by providing it support?

Will you reassure your spirit, your inner essence, and bring brand-new ideas that help learn how to focus your mind.

Let’s say you choose to be with your darkness? Now what? You must sit with it. Sit with the discomfort of what this darkness represents. Yes, it feels overwhelming.

Confusing. Hopeless. In the darkness there are only dark ideas. Do not battle the darkness with more darkness (anger, frustration, dangers, hopelessness).

It would just develop a larger darkness. ACCEPTANCE alone is the secret. The darkness and misery battles with all it’s loneliness to keep us believing that we are faulty and weak.

Not since it is evil, however because we put these beliefs into location to keep our spirits securely hidden in the dark.

As an adult, you now hold the secret to accept the darkness, to accept all the dark thoughts, and offer it truth which is the light.

Listen to your spirit. Let it speak its words of worry. Offer your spirit comfort and approval.

Your spirit went through some tough times that it chose hiding was the only safe decision. 

You have taken a trip quite a range, just to come to a dead end. Accept that you do not have what you desire. Accept this. Not with anger, not with disappointment.

Merely breath and accept as you continue to strive.

It doesn’t matter why you are at this point. It is as it is. Now go more deeply into it.

This point of shift can offer chance to reinforce your spirit and not let outside scenarios toss you off balance.

This is a critical event to choose empowering ideas as you continue to strive. To practice gentleness and peace of mind. Just as well, enhance your belief that you can have what you want.

Accept the experience as best you can. It will lead to insight. Approval of what is, despite the fact that it might feel terrifying, is the escape. Approval is not passiveness.

Your spirit is hiding in the darkness, waiting for your return. As you deal with the darkness, will you decide to recover your spirit by providing it goal motivation?

Do not fight the darkness with more darkness, or anger, aggravation, and hopelessness will try to govern. The darkness and despair fights with all it’s illusory power to keep us thinking that we are not worthy of a great life.

As an adult, you now hold the light to shine on the darkness, to accept all the dark ideas, and use it with love and light.

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In the next session, let’s look more deeply at realizing your inner power to live the life you want.

As you Continue to Strive the Light Never Goes Out

Understanding the best way to train/condition your mind and body will increase your odds in becoming a success in your own eyes.

We are all in control of our destiny as we continue to strive because we control our thoughts.

We’ve all heard the old adage, “WHAT THE MIND CAN BELIEVE THE MIND CAN ACHIEVE.”

This is because the light is always on your side, but too often we block out the light of our inner self-worth.

Do I live in darkness or in light? This is the mindset you require to achieve individual goals. It’s how you achieve the life you want in the real world.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “It is still up to you to choose to join with truth or with illusion. But remember that to choose one is to let the other go… The choice depends on which you value more.”

You have to train and condition your mind to focus on your objective so you have a burning desire to acquire it.

If a few challengers of equivalent strength and enduring capability enter the field of play the person with the more powerful mind will be triumphant.

Take time to envision your match or techniques in your mind with a clear, in-depth and reasonable picture.

Say, for 7-15 minutes two times a day as soon as in the early morning when you awake and previously going to sleep.

  • Find a peaceful place in your home sit or lay down whatever makes yourself comfortable and start to envision.
  • Always picture what YOU are going to do not what your challenger is going to do since you can only manage yourself.
  • Visualize yourself always moving rapidly, effortlessly and being triumphant, dominating your opponent holding your arms high up in the air with the championship belt around your waist.
  • Visualize as if you have actually currently obtained your objective, SMELL the scents of the arena.

Here’s why I always urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness technique.

TASTE the salt from your sweat on your lips. HEAR the crowd chanting your name.

FEEL and TOUCH the winner’s trophy and the crowd’s energy as you installed your hands in success.

  • Surround yourself with positive individuals who push you to be your absolute best, believe in you and your objective and will assist you attain it.

Having encouraging individuals around as you continue to strive will assist to deflect negative attitude and will rub off on you; we become who we hang out with.

  • Read bios of your favorite people on the challenges they got rid of to get to where they are today.

The key to visualization is to have 100% belief and faith that you WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.


Press away any doubt you have when it comes into your mind. Or the unfavorable ideas will cancel out the positive message.

The mind can not tell what is real or envisioned when you keep informing it something.


If two opponents of in any field of play, business, personal life, whatever, if you learn how to focus your mind you will be a success.

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To reaching your individual goals,

James Nussbaumer

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