Visualize your Goals being Achieved Fast for Living the Life You Truly Want

You’ve heard me talk in previous articles about the power of manifestation beginning by learning to visualize your goals.

The reflection principles of manifesting the life you want is a powerful force. I mean one that is running every nan0-second of time here on Earth.

Understanding that all of us provide thoughts that in this world can be seen as a vibration. And this is ongoing even while we sleep at night.

The Power of the Universe matches that vibration and brings us more of the very same to live the life you want. That is, if you embrace this understanding.

It is vitally necessary for us to comprehend the significance of becoming purposeful when we visualize your goals.

Thereby, it is that thought we’re using for visualization manifestation.

The more we learn to use power of visualization techniques to our lives miracles start occurring over and over.

It’s when we let go of the illusion of magic and replace it with the miracle.

A Course in Miracles states: “Insane ideas have no real relationships, for that is why they are insane. 

But to take advantage of this effective force, the more intentional we learn ends up being powerful.

I’m saying that we become creators of the life we want.

This speeds up the way you visualize your goals in order to manifest your desires.

This brings us to the topic of this article. Is to visualize and achieve your dreams truly in your power to do so?

Let’s start by reviewing the formula to visualize your goals: 

  • Yes, I recognize my desire (being as clear as I can).
  • Also, I raise my thoughts (by offering my desire and attention).
  • I allow my real thoughts to prevail (by reducing my resistance to getting my desire).

Frequently, people will inform me they have actually currently identified their desires. Likewise, typically made a huge list of what those desires are.

And, “It’s tucked away somewhere.”

It is necessary to remember that to visualize your goals to live the life you want is a few-step process.

And that it’s not a magic trick.

The Power of the Universe states, “Whatever I give my thoughts to and focus attention on  I’ll draw in more of it.

But it can also mean those undesirable situations you do not want. What we think about all day becomes our reality.

After you visualize your goals you also want to regard to those desires as helpful to humanity.

This is why most people who develop a list, and then tuck it away, never ever see the desires on that list manifest.

There are, nevertheless, different ways to offer attention to your desires.

Some people like to use words, through writing, or talking with others about their desires.

It is real that all of these ways will give attention to your desires and help to raise your thoughts to a manifestation level.

If a power of visualization technique feels comfortable to you then keep on using it. If it does not, then don’t!

To firmly insist that you need to visualize and achieve your dreams means you truly want to manifest your desires.

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The power of the universe will not deny you.

When visualizing is a frustrating endeavor for you it means it is truly not of your true free will.

Your true free will must be loaded with purpose and passion before it can manifest in this world.

If figuring out what you want in life is of fantasy and opposing you heart’s desire you are abusing the tool in the very first place!

Use visualization manifestation thoughts for what your passion is.

To summarize, ask yourself this concern when checking to see if visualization or any other technique or tool is right for you.

Do I feel good as I am using this technique or tool?

Is this approach or tool assisting me to provide a positive thought process turned into energy?

Then be guaranteed that it is an efficient tool for you to keep on utilizing. But, only as you continue to manifest your desires from your heart. 

As I’d said above but in a different way, often, individuals will tell me they have already determined their desires.

They generally made a big list of what those desires are. After we have actually determined our desires, we need to provide heart-felt attention to those desires.

Whatever is best for you; some people like to use words, through writing, or talking with others about their desires.

To insist that somebody needs to use power of visualization techniques alone, in order to manifest their desires, is not so.

I mean, when visualizing from the core of who you are, from your heart, you become aligned to the power of the universe.

If your manifestation goals are from your inner most core, then you are not abusing yourself.

I say, “yourself,” because you are the universe.

If the response is yes that you are aligned to your true free will, then be guaranteed that it is an effective tool.

Yes, for you to keep on practicing as you continue to manifest your desires.

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To living the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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