Symptoms of Frustration Dealt with to Release Feeling Angry and Depressed

Every person who has ever walked among us on this earth has experienced symptoms of frustration.

The key is to maintain this so it doesn’t escalate into anger and frustration.

Depending upon the scenario symptoms of frustration can easily lead to feeling angry and depressed.

Whether you are busy with your career, going after a goal that isn’t executing, or feeling imprisoned, here’s where to start.

When things are not going right for us we can easily feel trapped in life.

Yes, I mean just like we’re in prison.

The indications of stress and anxiety shows through to others that you are having a challenging time.

Here I want to share how I was realizing symptoms of frustration while literally in a state prison.

Yes, where I’d been sentenced to ten years in prison from my errors regarding a foolish securities violation.

I’ll keep this story in a present tense as though I am still in prison writing to you.

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But first, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.”

We all get caught up in grief and some sort of loss along the way, but this can be turned around for the life you want.

Here’s my first hand story on dealing with symptoms of frustration: 

It’s only life on Earth, we all get through it. So it seems. Not all of us complete the journey in the same condition.

Along the way, some lose their legs, an arm, or eyes in accidents or medical alterations.

Of course, any of these things are enough to bring on symptoms of frustration.

Then there are those who skate through the years with only daily anxiousness and worry.

Or perhaps some frustration over such things as oil prices, politics, rock ‘n’ roll or rap music.

Likewise, some have only bad hair days.

It has been said, “The beat goes on.”

When I rose on that early summer morning, Father’s Day, depressed over being in prison thoughts occurred in me.

I still possessed both legs, both eyes, and even my hair was “not bad”, although it was thinning and graying.

If I returned to bed sixteen hours later that night having lost all my hair, but nothing else, I would consider the day a triumph.

In fact, even if I’d be minus a few teeth in these conditions, I’d call it a triumph.

That’s just the volatile and often violent din of the cell block.

These were my foggy thoughts as I sat on the edge of my top bunk. My legs and feet dangling in my bunky’s space below.

Why am I not in a bottom bunk, I thought to myself out of frustration?

The thoughts of still being in prison, and the news on Friday afternoon over my motion for an early release being denied hovered a dark cloud and fog around me.

After all, my Judge in the case was stern. He did say when he sentenced me to ten years in prison that he would set an example of me.

That right there was enough to start a flame of anger and frustration.

I turned on my radio as usual first thing in the morning, placed the head phones around my head.

Then I looked over top of three rows across double bunks, to get a glimpse out the window.

There was a cocooned sky, gray and swollen and dismal, like the lump in my throat.

Just as well as the picture of my psyche.

Overnight, according to the radio news broadcast, an airliner had crashed not too far away. Hundreds perished.

The sole survivor, a ten month old baby boy had been found upright and unscathed. He was in a battered seat that stood in a field of scorched and twisted debris.

The child was calm with “cute gaggling and gurgling,” the news cast woman would report. I guess, as though the child was trying to communicate his version of the crash.

It was the only version that would spring up symptoms of frustration to the authorities.

The rescue team noted to the reporter five bodies surrounded the child. As well, not recognizable due to severe burns and dismemberment.

Through the night I had twice awakened from a dream, the same dream.

I was standing under an expectant sky, low sluggish waves that exhausted themselves on the shore.

The Florida gulf of Mexico was gray and awash with inky shadows. It was as if a sinuous sea beast of freaky fantasy form swam just below the surface.

During the night, at times, I realized I was dreaming, while yet partially awake.

As dreams go, I’m sure you’ve had the same. Doesn’t it sometimes seem we all share them?

The problem is that most of my dreams even of anger and frustration have come, then faded away and forgotten.

Realizing my prison time would continue a while longer, I wished this to be a dream, too.

Maybe it is. I’d like to awaken soon.

I’ve been down five years now.

It seems it went fairly fast as long as I don’t dwell on the days, months. Likewise, the one-half a decade behind me.

From newspaper sales ads I’ve noticed that cell phones have come a long way. By me not being a free man to see this surely lead to symptoms of frustration.

Something continues to urge me inside to keep looking beyond these steel bars. The beams overhead, tin roof and block walls, make it tough to deal with frustration.

But I work diligently at looking beyond to my freedom one day. This helps me overlook the frustration of it all.


Some individuals will certainly learn to deal with frustration and depression and to naturally relax.

I mean once they start really feeling angry and depressed they might learn to listen within for guidance.

No matter how aggravated, some seem to press forward of these haunting feelings of stress and anxiety.

For you, do not quit to easily. I mean go within and ask for guidance as to what you should do next.

The answer will be given to you!

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To overcoming frustration and finding happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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