Stress and Frustration Overcome Fast by Knowing What Influences Perception

I’d like to share with you a quick personal story involving stress and frustration between my oldest daughter, Erin, and I.

Being imprisoned in any sense or manner is enough to feel frustrated and urge on more sensations of stress.

This was with mine and her own wrong-minded attitude concerning the past, and then the entire ordeal of my felony conviction and going to prison.

Yes, had her baring pain and confusion.

Her attitude of “you’ve never been there enough for me, Dad,” had her feeling frustrated.

Likewise, the drama of my conviction dragged through the area media. This was plenty to increase the stress and frustration haunting her.

I would also not be attending her huge upcoming wedding taking place soon after my imprisonment.

Her thoughts of having a father behind bars with violent career criminals, was not an easy take for Erin in many regards.

She was wishing things were different in her factors of perception.

Soon after entering prison I was slammed with lawsuits, more stress and frustration.

But  which is a normal occurrence, especially in a case like mine involving financial matters.

It was difficult for me to gather up the appropriate documents needed for my defense that were still sitting in my home.

The house was being seized and on its way to sheriffs auction sent me more into feeling frustrated.

Since I no longer had a wife to help with such matters, I needed help. Hopefully one, or both, of my two daughters would lend a hand in securing the documents.

To my relief it was determined Erin did indeed already had possession of what I needed.

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But were buried in a heap of other things she grabbed before locking up the house.

There in prison, an inmates’ efforts to communicate with the outside world can be extremely frustrating.

Since I didn’t yet have a lawyer to represent my civil case matters, I felt the need to sort through my paperwork.

My stress and frustration told me I had to see where I stood in preparation for defense.

Hopefully something could be settled out of court, and further litigation may be unnecessary.

Additionally, the documents might prove useful in the scheduled appeal of my ten year prison sentence.

Erin, at the time was refusing to even try to understand the importance of my attaining these documents.

She was being particularly stubborn. I mean on going out of her way to sort through the heap of material she already had possession of.

Likewise, send them on their way to me.

Not a terrible task at all.

Her stubbornness, of course, “much like her mother’s,” (Well, like mine, too) was of my own wrong-mindedness.

As well, and due to her attitude of the past continued my stress and frustration  while being new to the prison environment.

It’s when we learn to free ourselves from our own self-made prison cell that we live our true calling.

Messages from her indicated “why should she now suddenly be available to help me out?”

After all, she was good at making point of “what I did do and didn’t do for her while she was growing up.”

The heated communication between the two of us via handwritten letters was a time lag of regular mail.

No internet access.

It was not the accelerated frustrated and depressed with life feelings I needed.

With prison in and of itself being plenty for me to deal with, so was the greedy assertive lawyers.

Just as well, uncaring courts of law, an uncooperative, fully educated adult daughter, and my own fears.

This was a mountain of mayhem and stress and frustration that would make many grown men scream.

My own frustrated thought process from behind steel bars and inside those gray concrete walls had me see something.

I mean, led me to all forms of paranoid feelings that are what influences perception. This was piercing my heart and feeling frustrated and depressed with life.

False ideas haunted me of having a daughter out there who no longer cared about the consequences of her dear father.

It was certain in my thoughts I had to free myself from these thoughts. I had to get a message to her that would sink in.

I was in need, Erin knew it, and she was holding me hostage while the state of Ohio held me prisoner.

Did I learn to let it go?

Yes, surrender was the only way to free me from what influences wrong-minded perceptions.

And my daughter came through like a champ in getting me those documents!

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To overcoming feeling frustrated in life,

James Nussbaumer

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