How to Lead a Happy Life Living with No TV: A Challenge to Consider

Anyone up for challenge for how to lead a happy life living without TV?

By eliminating TV entirely or at least cutting way back you learn how to create your own life the way you want it.

Yes, your own vision for a wonderful real life.

Since the beginning of my blog site, I have attempted to let my readers into my personal life a little at a time.

Sure, I mean without offering too much away (I really don’t desire psychos appearing at my door).

For instance, through the blog site, you have discovered, to name a few things, that I am a recovering former prisoner.

Yes, that I was sentenced to 10 years in an Ohio Prison over a foolish securities violation in my tenure as a financial adviser.

That career in financial services lasted just under 26 years, and I’d done fairly well, but was a career I loathed.

But indeed, I did take a hard fall and recovery is my way at this moment.

During those long 8 of the 10 years I spent in the volatile and often violent din of the cell block some miraculous things occurred.

It is where my ever-developing book series was conceived and born with a mainstream American Publisher.

Now I live a quiet life and write every single day even when I am traveling and speaking about my experience.

All of that aside, the one question that I receive from many is: “is it possible to learn how to lead a happy life without television.?”

This concern for actually how to lead a happy life gets funnier every time I hear it.

My first initial response was, “how can you cope with a TELEVISION?” Seeing TELEVISION is an alternative to living.

When you are spending that hour seeing somebody play ball with kids on TV, somethings missing.

You’re not able to live your true calling , or invest an hour playing ball with your kids while in front of the TV.

It’s not possible to invest a week enjoying walking sandy beaches in the tropics when you are busy with re-runs of Fantasy Island.

It’s TELEVISION or it’s living.

It can’t be both.

Whatever it is you need to do to to begin living a more fulfilled life do some research and take action.

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Living with very minimal TV in my home was an option I made long earlier. It was a choice I made to offer me my freedom.

We’ve covered the huge inverse statistical connections in between watching TELEVISION and keys to a happy life.

It’s just a reality.

A vast majority of the frantically bad tune out routinely from life and watch TELEVISION.

A vast bulk of the rich who know how to lead a happy life never watch the slavery tube.

The line in between the few extremes is direct and it’s quite obviously causal.

A TELEVISION watcher can stop seeing TELEVISION and right away start seeing more success in their life.

Still, there are those that are just baffled by this choice.

I could invest various hours discussing this option in detail, but it really only boils down to one… mine!

I am not informing everybody to get rid of their TV.

We need poor people in this world. There are some jobs that simply need to be carried out by the TV watchers in a J.O.B.

I merely suggested attempting to live without it for a few days and find out how much more flexibility you feel you have.

The world has lots of things to see, for, things to do.

If you really desire the flexibility that others have, simply attempt this experiment. Turn off the TV for 3 weeks. Feel the freedom for simply those 3 weeks.

Enjoying TV is an alternative to living.

It’s not possible to invest an hour really walking a beach or a park with the kids when you are spending that hour enjoying someone else doing that on TELEVISION.

Again, it’s not possible to spend a week travelling the Bahamas when you are busy viewing the Game Shows (or whatever is popular on TELEVISION now-a-days).

We’ve covered the enormous inverted statistical connections between seeing TV and how to lead a happy life.

A TELEVISION watcher can stop enjoying TV and right away begin seeing more financial success in life.

(Here’s a related article about what only seems like a lifetime striving to go live your dream life, you may now today manifest your desires.) 

To a happy life,

James Nussbaumer

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