Overcoming Frustration and Managing Anxiety by Opening up Your Mind to Truth

Sometimes getting caught up in overcoming frustration and managing anxiety can lend some light of truth on a matter giving you a clearer path for new thoughts and ideas about where you are heading.

Dealing with frustration can open the power of your mind to keep pressing forward, after a breather, and on to your goals and objectives. It’s why I urge you to learn mindfulness meditation.

So this thought provoking article may clue you on understanding how to control anger and deal with frustration?

Consider the unreality we live amongst each day, dealing with frustration, and the same with past generations, and those yet to arrive. 

The fake or phony ways we believe we are helping others, trying to impress the world, and of course our own egos, only make a stronger projection of a world gone mad and making it more difficult for overcoming frustration.

A Course in Miracles helps us see that, we seem to walk the way of dreams through each day and usually each moment of each day. 

Open up your Mind

We are constantly learning to see illusion instead of Truth, fantasy over reality, going from waking to sleeping and on to a yet deeper dream. 

The illusions we make sink us deeper into the dream of separation where overcoming frustration seems to be a chore of life. 

(Here’s a sister article on managing stress and anxiety giving this a good old college try so you may live the life you want.) 

Each dream we have within the dream of life, time, and space leads us to other dreams, and every fantasy that seems to offer us light only leads to further darkness. 

It’s why we need to learn miracles, not magic, are real and are in your power!

The vicious cycle of working at overcoming frustration become thoughts continually fragmenting, dream to dream, fantasy to fantasy, more illusion, on and on.

The Light of Truth

When I look back it seems that for me, the goal was also a search for the light that would end all need for overcoming frustration.  But darkness remained, while a single ray of natural light just seemed unable to illumine my path

It was blocked. 

The dark area was incomplete, but enough for me to hide behind.  But what was I hiding from?  Could it be the light of truth about my real self?

A Course in Miracles states, “There is no substitute for truth. And truth will make this plain to you as you are brought into the place where you must meet with truth.”

The insanity of the world was always available to welcome me, but it was as though I felt I owed it something or had to please it.  I had to learn quickly that the light of truth I was working at hiding is my reality. 

I was desperate to find my inner power!

I knew that if I didn’t learn soon that darkness can only cover my light, and not put it out, I would be lost permanently, always dealing with frustration, to the insanity the world lives by. 

Who You Are?

The light is who and what we are, regardless of the world’s view, and if we can realize this overcoming frustration is made easy.

Let’s face it, while in this world from time to time we’ll surely need to get a grip on how to control anger and frustration.

Sure, the darkness at times still may make me feel weary and uncertain and difficult for overcoming frustration.

I especially learned this when I was dealing with frustration while imprisoned, as I would think my incarceration period would never come to an end.  But it did end, after 8 long volatile and often violent years.

But the light of truth always brings me back to the alertness of who I am. 

Thoughts that are not so pure penetrate often, but my own right-mindedness—a term the Course in Miracles uses for glimpses of our higher Self, to this day has learned to quickly come to the rescue, offering sane thoughts of love for myself and the whole of creation.

It seemed that before when dealing with frustration, as the light would come closer or become brighter, I’d often fear it, or want to cool it down or dim its brilliance, so some darkness or a little bit of wrong-mindedness—the  sense of frustration, we may say, could reenter and give me some familiarity. 

ACIM (Course in Miracles text) further teaches, “Let your mind not wander through darkened corridors, away from light’s center.”

In the Dumps

But the darkened thoughts, regardless of their temporary comfort, would shrink me away from the light of truth, and the fear would continue—usually with a “in the dumps doom and gloom” attitude taking over.

When we experience this type of seeming setback, however, we are still advancing and overcoming frustration, because our natural goal is to advance, away from fear and toward truth. 

We find it difficult to admit sometimes, but the truth gives us a sense of security from the dark.  We try not to realize it by not accepting the knowledge we have within us of the truth.

If we will accept this mindful power of the truth of who we are, the knowledge alone will drive us out of fear and frustration, and then signify a willingness to learn more.

Your willingness and readiness to accept who you are will open your mind, so that your life’s circumstances will begin giving you the dreams you’ve hoped for.

To learn more we must trust the Light of Truth.

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To the light of Truth in you,

James Nussbaumer

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