Feeling Frustrated Overcome by Opening your Mind and Living the Life of Your Dreams Now

In some cases feeling frustrated because you’re not living your dreams or any reason where you’re feeling stuck, can be overcome.

Conquering the aggravation and managing stress and anxiety can provide some light of Truth on a matter offering you a clearer course.

I mean for brand-new ideas and concepts about where you are heading.

Dealing with frustration can open the power of your mind to keep moving forward in life. Then, perhaps, after a breather, you can begin moving on to your goals and objectives.

This thought provoking article may hint deeply on comprehending how to manage feeling frustrated. I certainly mean to start living your dreams.

Think about the unreality we live among every day, handling disappointment, and the exact same with previous generations. Not to mention those yet to show up in this world.

An untruthful way for aiming to impress the world, and obviously our own egos, just makes for more darkened thoughts.

These are usually thoughts of feeling frustrated with life.

This only lends us a more powerful forecast of a world dealing with frustration and making it harder for managing anxiety.

A Course in Miracles helps see that, you have the power to create and live the life of your dreams.

We are regularly learning how to see rather of the Truth within, going from sleeping to awaking to a yet much deeper dream.

The Course in Miracles states, “Seek not outside yourself. For it will fail, and you will weep each time an idol falls.”

The projections we make by feeling frustrated sink us much deeper into the imagined separation from our creative powers.

It becomes managing anxiety and dealing with frustration appears to be a task of life.

Each dream we have about time and life leads us to other dreams, and every dream that appears uses the Light of Spirit to bring us out of darkened thought.

The vicious circle of feeling frustrated brings forth in each dream to dream, more impressions of being frustrated with life, and on and on.

The Light of Truth

The objective to uncover the light of Who you are would end all worry of about how to live the life of your dreams.

For me, darkness and feeling frustrated haunted me while a single ray of natural inner light appeared to set me free.

The dark area of my life was insufficient, however enough for me to hide behind. I’d think to myself, exactly ‘what was I hiding from?’

Could it be the light of reality about my genuine self and living my dream life?



I realize this article so far might seem a bit deep, but bear with me for now and begin to open your mind.

From your open mind is where you will learn to create and live the life of your dreams.

The madness of the world was constantly offered to invite me, however, it was as though I felt I owed it something or needed to please it.

I understood that if I didn’t discover quickly that darkness only covers my light, and not put it out, I would be lost completely.

I’d be still feeling frustrated and constantly managing anxiety to the madness the world lives by.

The light is Who and exactly What you are, no matter about the world’s view. If you can recognize this when being frustrated with life, living your dreams is then facilitated.

Let’s face it, while in this world from time to time you do need to get a grip on ways to open your mind and end feeling frustrated. Or, perhaps feeling lost from Who you are, truly and deeply.

Overcoming Frustration

Sure, the darkness sometimes still might make me feel unpredictable and tired and challenging for getting rid of feeling frustrated.

I specifically discovered this when I was dealing with frustration while imprisoned.

I would believe my imprisonment duration would never end. It did end, after nearly 9 long volatile and often violent years in the cell block.

I detail this in my book series where you can find more at the about/books page of my website.

The light of reality constantly brings me back to the awareness of who I am.

Ideas that are not so pure permeate typically, however my own ‘right-mindedness’ reveals itself by shining forth.

The ‘right mind’ is a term the Course in Miracles describes as glimpses of our inner most highest Self.

To this day I actually see myself being rescued from this Light of Spirit. It is providing sane ideas of love for myself and living my dream life.

It appeared that prior to when handling disappointment, as the light would come closer or end up being brighter, I’d typically fear it.

Or, we may say, to cool it down or dim the light’s luster. I guess so, because my ego needed some darkness, or a bit of wrong-mindedness, to still reside.

After all, as humans and ego-based filled with fear, this “doubting Thomas” aspect in us is what we’re used to.

Isn’t it?

I think for me, it was so that a sense of darkness, we might say, might remain to offer me some familiarity.

In the Dumps

The darkened thought of feeling frustrated regardless of their short-term familiarity, would cover me from the light of Truth.

Then managing anxiety would continue—generally with an “in the dumps doom and gloom” mindset taking over.

When we experience this kind of appearing problem, nevertheless, we are still overcoming frustration.

It’s because our natural and spiritual inward objective is to advance, far from fear and doubt and towards reality.

We discover it difficult to confess often that our ego-based state as humans wants to be feeling frustrated much of the time.

It’s the ego’s foundation where darkened thought was built on.

We attempt not to understand it by declining the knowledge we have within us of our true Reality.

If you will accept this understanding of the truth of Who you are, the understanding alone will usher you from being frustrated with life.

Your willingness and readiness to accept who you are will open your mind deeply. It’s so that your life’s situations will help you to live your dreams passionately while in this world.

Next, let’s you and I look at defining living the life of your dreams in the order you want to do so.

Rather than what the world dictates!

To Define Living your Dreams

In my career now as an author and speaker, I frequently find people who are unclear about what living your dreams implies for them.

Our society defines goals achieved and success mainly around a few components: popularity, power, and financial security.

Many of you reading this might be stating, “Wait a minute–those components are not the most essential things for my dream life.”

Keep in mind as you absorb what this article offers this wonderful spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

“Heaven cannot be found where it is not, and there can be no peace excepting there.”

Success is typically intangible. It’s certainly unique to each person. Have you considered how you will understand when you are successful at living your own dreams?

For one individual who reads my writings, a meaning of success is having autonomy in her work.

Another master-mind newsletter subscriber of mine specifies success as a satisfying family and personal life.

Your Creative Power

Yes, she’s looking for work that enables her flexible hours and telecommuting days.

In his wonderful book, Real Magic, the late Wayne W. Dyer offers numerous examples of success.

He discussed the power to be creative and never having financial worries. It might be perhaps you owning a beach house or a cabin in the woods.

The 19th century spiritual genius Friedrich Nietzsche (New Age at that time) in his classic book, The Will to Power, stated: “The question of bodily health is being ever more aligned to the soul.”

Can you come up with a small handful of ideas to determine how to live the life of your dreams?

Once you go within and ask and listen for exactly what, “My dream life,” implies, then, you can realign your life.

That means your objectives and goals, and relationships around these priorities.

A terrific way to begin the procedure of defining success is to complete these sentences:

  • The individuals I see as living their dreams are …
  • I feel successful when …
  • My signs of success are …
  • I will feel like my dream life is reached when I. …

You’ll need to work with your statements and declarations till they feel or sound just. When you’ve defined living your dreams start taking action to reach it.

Set effective goals and get the support you need to reach them. Expect and discover how to handle barriers such as feeling frustrated.

It might be fear of change.

What about all your “yeah buts” and doubting yourself far too much.

Living the life of your dreams is a process that is endless. As you reach the height of one goal you’ll see another mountaintop you’ll want to climb.

This is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, getting you to that inner state of creativity. I suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation system

Along the way, don’t forget to value exactly what you already have. I mean to celebrate each little accomplishment that results in the grand prize!

So remember, our ego-based human thinking of a society defines success mostly around elements of financial security.  

Another reader of my books and articles messaged in that he specifies success as a gratifying personal life.

He said he’s looking for the career that’s based around his creativity as a musician and will not settle for less. WOW, how about this guy?

Be sure to begin operating around how you feel within and ask and listen for the answers on what to do next. You will get the answers!

When you’ve defined living your dream life, be sure to begin taking action to reach it.

(Here’s another related article I feel appropriate here. It’s about success tips for having a successful life and finding happiness and getting the life you want.) 

Next, let’s consider dealing with life challenges and on to the life you want to live.

A Big Handful of Dealing with Frustration Action Steps

Preparation for living the life of your dreams is crucial to get rid of feeling frustrated and barriers to personal growth.

You need a road map to keep you on course and give you direction. Even the ancient mariners used the stars and constellations to find their way.

A plan is an effective tool for accomplishment.

It’s a miraculous secret that helps you reach your objectives and goals while offering you the momentum. I mean the truth of who you are to get through difficult passageways.

The Course in Miracles further gives us this profound principle for tapping into your creativity:

  • “No one who comes here but must still have hope, some lingering illusion, or some dream that there is something outside of himself that will bring happiness and peace to him.”

Preparation avoids unneeded detouring, and helps you to take obligation for your actions.

Objectives are exactly what keep you going and give you your focus and here’s the handful for you to open your mind to:

  • Keep focusing on your objectives and goals while and constantly taking the needed steps to reach them.
  • Your ability to keep moving forward in life after accomplishing one goal depends on how plainly you see the next action. You need to always be setting newer goals.
  • Goal-setting is a continuous, reciprocal procedure between you and the world.
  • Accomplishing your goals assists you to rid feeling frustrated, and affirms your self-confidence.
  • Goal-setting is not a mundane process.
  • Remember taking action generates out of your inner spirit for self-drive and achievement.

Always keep forefront in your thinking that this drive for accomplishment is inherent, it comes from within you.

When you set goals, it solidifies you physically, mindfully, and to the whole-heartedness about you.

You start to feel more connected to yourself and to the universe and the world.

There are a more to this handful of ways to focus on your objectives and prepare your success.

It is important to include the following in your goal-setting procedure:

  • Determine your goal and make it a sensible one. You need to care about it.
  • Select a goal that you can deal with, rather than something another person has picked for you.
  • Make sure it’s particular, not unclear.
  • Choosing and deciding on an objective you can do something about.

You will want to make choices that offer you the power and influence to actively and assertively achieve your objective.

Have at least one objective or goal written down every day. Feel a sense of pleasure and satisfaction whenever you take a step toward achieving your goal.

Experience how your feelings and thoughts are pulled by your written goals of living your dreams.

Reward yourself for each goal and dream that gets accomplished. When fulfilling yourself as well, remember to be constant.

Keep focusing on your objectives and goals and constantly take the required actions to reach them.

Your capability to keep moving after achieving one objective depends on how plainly you see the next action to set new goals.

Achieving your objectives helps you to overcome life challenges and get rid of inner barriers of fear and doubt.

This affirms your self-confidence.

Your power of choice can do something about offering you the power and impact to actively and assertively accomplish your goals.

Feel a sense of happiness at moving forward in life while you open your mind to asking within for more answers.

Feel and appreciate the inner bliss and freedom whenever you take a step toward accomplishing your objectives and goals.

(Please note I also suggest this related article on why attitude is everything when wanting to overcome depression and letting go of stress and anxiety.)  

To living your dreams frustration free,

James Nussbaumer

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