Afraid of Dying Defeated Now by Reaching Your Full Potential in this World

It appears when we suddenly see our later years upon us, we worry ourselves more with being afraid of dying.

This topic was a subject for conversation at a recent webinar I’d hosted with people from all walks of life.

I was astonished the number of people around the globe worrying too much of death. Much of the time, where stress and anxiety seem to rule their lives.

On the other hand, a number of others appear to be more in tune with their glowing and brilliant everlasting Self.

In this detailed article for those who might shift towards the fear of death, I share my own ideas and experience.

Yes, where I couldn’t hide from my own mortality.

When I initially entered deep into the rabbit hole of the prison system, I had to figure out a few things. And, how to begin dealing with horrible adversities.

My way was in asking myself exactly, “What is the worst thing that can perhaps strike me while imprisoned?”

After thoroughly considering this, I accepted that I might potentially be severely injured.  Or, even killed in a variety of violent methods.

By dealing with the concept of afraid of dying kept me from stepping in reverse, much deeper into anxiety and fear.

I undoubtedly didn’t wish to take the “Detour into Frustration and Fear,” as the Course in Miracles discusses.

  • This reality alone enabled my worry and to wade in shallow darkness.

The ideas I’d have of overcoming being afraid of dying were haunting.

But also helped me with a clear choice. It was regarding how I would carry myself in case I was approached in a violent way.



Naturally, in the volatile and often violent din of the cell block this most unavoidable face-off did emerge.

I’m saying, often times, particularly more so in the early phases of my confinement. Of course, and the hazards of when you are down.

Afraid of dying, and all the stress and anxiety did await the air till the minute of my release from incarceration after nearly 9 long years.

My approach for handling my fear of death or even severe injury, instilled in me something. That was to in some way, stand there, face to face with the inmate.

I also mean without any weapon of my own, such as the common yet ugly weapons inmates learn how to make.

You might have heard before of homemade weapons termed a “shank.”

My eye contact had constantly ensured the offender that I desired no problems. Nevertheless, I was constantly all set to manage myself physically if I needed to.

  • Typically the outcome was some sort of peaceful agreement.

There was an occurrence where evading a prisoner’s weapon did get me knocked into my rib-cage.

And, from which I suffered bruised ribs and stab to my thigh. This took 6 months to recover. Another occasion led to numerous stitches in the back of my head.

The Truth about Afraid of Dying

The fact is I chose to live with handling overcoming fear of death anxiety.

I decided that if I were to be seriously hurt, handicapped, or eliminated–which, does indeed occur more than simply sometimes–I would still be my eternal Self.

This mindset might appear not likely. However if you were ever confronted with this, you’d be making some decisions.

Yes, with no place to retreat to, you would have no option however to make some severe choices in preparation for ugly possibilities.

I was able, in some way, immediately it appeared, to establish a sense of not worrying of death. It seems I was able to for the most part let go of the idea of any such fate.

And this, too, is also why I urge that learn how to do mindfulness meditation. I suggest the 7 minute system here.

So I would regularly ask myself: “Isn’t as well every other inmate also worried of such nightmares?”

  • I would live out my days in that type of thought process.

This kind of rapidly new born faith for conquering the idea of afraid of dying, had actually revealed to me a Universal Intellect that is truly in charge.

This might appear to you some sort of brave stance built out of some sort of denial.  

But denial can only be of the ego—that doubting and fearful aspect in us as humans built on separation and insecurity.

I can inform you that from my own experiences there in jail, we can simply request the Brilliance of our inner Self to shine forth.

I mean even in an instant.

When we actually understand in an individual manner of the Universal Luminosity something happens.

This “Something” is what highly effective people have learned to grow with. 

From within us, shining intense as we travel our course, afraid of dying dissipates.

So typically we decline this understanding, and this is the denial of the ego-based mind.

  • How the Fear of Death Holds us Back in Life

The imagination, life in this world, and time, ruled by this denial—the darkened thought is our own worst enemy.

The ego has been so misleadingly harsh, and we’re all deep into it collectively as humans.

Hence afraid of dying, limits our eyes from opening enough from our dream state to permit the light to penetrate.

Exactly what you can do to side more with your awakened Self, is to delight in extending your inner Light to those close you.

As well, reflecting your inner awesomeness for even those you are not close to so they may witness the spark.

Do not be shy on taking action on checking out more enlightening concepts that are challenging, yet life enhancing.

Certainly don’t fear the anxiety filled and judgmental world.

Most notably, constantly be included and active while engaging with others. When someone acts hostile toward you, then shine forth your inner light.

(Here’s another suggested article on why attitude is everything when wanting to overcome depression and letting go of stress and anxiety.)  

Next, let’s explore the idea of the atonement of Christ as the undoing of what never was.

Answering to What Am I Afraid Of?

Lots of people are in fear of life and afraid to get too close to people. This keeps them from taking action on their dreams and objectives.

Being afraid of life frequently limits you from creating the life you want.

Undoubtedly as people we will sometimes have our worries, stress and anxiety.

But if we can see beyond worry by ignoring it we are undoing exactly what is attempting to keep us stuck.

And in this undoing process the Course in Miracles terms the “Atonement,” we discover how to experience wonder in our daily lives.

You never need to ask yourself, exactly what am I in fear of? You end the fear when being at-one with your inner-abundance and value.

  • It’s the luminous I discussed above.

Think of the methods we stroll towards love as we try to find it, and still disliking it. And awfully in fear of how it might treat us.

Then we ask, exactly what am I so fearful of, and why should I be afraid of dying?

Or are we truly scared of life and what we can be creating from it, or producing of it? Do we fear success?

Addressing this concern within yourself can be an improvement to love’s significance. As well as a method to leave behind the impressions that have you surrounded.

If we go back to jailing ourselves to fear of life, a scarcity mindset only increases.

  • Let’s be real here for a minute.

Do not you truly understand the fact about yourself, and that you are strong in rock, instead of sand?

Yes, you do, and this is why sometimes you might harp on yourself and state exactly, ‘What am I in fear of?’

When we have the ability to share the brave reality with a brother/sister who might be terrified, we are holding his/her hand in the chain of Atonement of Christ.

This we might more quickly comprehend satisfaction as the ‘awakening process. ’ It is by undoing what never ever was, and our fear of it.

Think about it in this manner: at-one-ment, as in our awakening and going back to the Oneness within God.

With this chain of minds connected together, we can with confidence state this is our connection or our mindful relation to Jesus. He is our Model for One-mindedness.

See the Atonement as unifying with the Christ Mind as God’s whole and complete never-in-conflict, Child.

In this mindset we might more quickly put an end to being afraid of dying, in fear of life, and never needing to be afraid of people.

Jesus entered the dream of separation, of time, space, and fear as well as judgement, to help us leave behind the ego-mind behind.

His message was for us to begin opening our eyes to our own awakening from the dream.

Keep in mind, Jesus was able to manifest the Holy Spirit through right-mindedness, on to One-mindedness, where He experienced Himself as Christ.

He reveals us the exact same course with the exact same capability He had while on this earth. Yes, or I need to state, while living among us in the ‘imagined separation.’

  • Again, the process of atonement is the undoing of what never was.

Keep in mind that the duration from His birth to physical death to the present day, which we call a few thousand years of time, is just a moment or instant.

It’s a flicker of the eye-lid while dream of an unreal world.

From the symbolic Adam and Eve till today’s time is only an instant as we dream of Earth while safe at Home, which is Heaven.

In truth where time does not exist, behind the forecast area, time and the projection screen we call life and the material world do not exist.

Here is why you never have to hesitate of the life you want while here in this world. Dream it and achieve it!

The Course in Miracles proves to us that Jesus survives on in the Christ-Mind and is at the start of the Atonement of Christ a procession line in wholeness.

  • I mean leading us to the altar where we awaken as a whole.

The altar is where God stands as One-Mind for us to awaken to and understand. Now the Oneness of Mind undoubtedly is there; it’s simply that part of it sleeps.

When we lose our faith in this process we then we slip back into darkness.

This takes place due to our physical focus–to put it simply, our hesitation to look beyond–and the outcome is the forecast of the body as who we are.

The physical image enables us to briefly stay a forecast.

When we can discover how to see beyond this projection of life without worry, we see Christ in ourselves. This is our holiness.

It just needs our desire for the fact of who we are.

Let me ask you one concern. Honestly, now: How do you see yourself?

How you address this simply might set you on the path for success while you dream of life here on Earth.

Or, on the other hand, it may imprison you to a scarcity mindset and constantly being afraid of dying.


Why do you fear instead of reaching your full potential while in this world?

You may have some sensations you’ve not reached your complete capacity and not developing the life you desire, and still yearning for more.

This message today is meant to reveal you that it’s difficult to reach your complete capacity without recognizing the power of within you.

I’m talking about, yet beyond the body. I mean your full potential.

You need to increase your understanding and do something about it on discovering how to be all you can be.

Here’s where you won’t worry so much about afraid of dying, and other fears of life, too.

Consider the high achievers who discovered the key. Those who pursue, possibly research, study and discover and extend themselves every day as a dedication to self.

We are constantly so filled with concerns about exactly what holds together the power of deep within us.

  • Genuine love and wholeness has no fear.

This must be the way God desired it to be, due to the fact that how can God be of fear–which implies conflict and non-whole?

A Course in Miracles states: “Praise be to you who make the Father one with His Own Son.”

Let me ensure you if you are really delighted, maybe have actually discovered the ideal mate, best profession, ideal monetary circumstance, and so on, you are really showing Heaven of yourself.

When you are reaching your complete capacity, you are feeling whole-minded.

Do not we constantly appear to understand that there is a fantastic power within and beyond which we cannot appear to discuss?

  • Think of genuine love in your life.

Can you discuss that?

Say, two hearts connecting as one, having sex, a linking awareness, if you will. Is there NO higher sensation that a person can experience?

Yes, you feel so alive, like you can dominate the world and appear to constantly be progressing in life.

You see, I think that we are ALL whole and complete and are not different from our Source (God), which is whole-mindedness.

That’s the sensation you reach while reaching your full potential without fear while in this world.

In this state of mind you minimally are afraid of dying. Yes, genuine love, being complete, is a reflection of Heaven, our genuine Home.

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To letting go of fear,

James Nussbaumer

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