How to Control Anger and Frustration is to Open Your Mind for a Better Life

Sure, how to control anger and frustration at times still may make us feel uncertain and weary and difficult.

Especially for overcoming darkened thoughts. 

I especially learned this when I was dealing with frustration while imprisoned, as I would think my incarceration period would never come to an end.

It did end, after 8 often violent and long volatile years.

The light of truth of who you are always brings you back to the alertness of who you are.

We find it difficult to admit sometimes, but to open up your mind to the truth gives you a sense of security from the dark.

For me, thoughts that were not so pure penetrated often.

But my own right-mindedness–a term the Course in Miracles uses for glimpses of our higher Self saved me.

To this day I’m still learning to quickly come to the rescue of my darkness. Thus, offering much brighter thoughts of love and hope for myself.

ACIM (Course in Miracles text) teaches:

  • ” Let your mind not wander through darkened corridors, away from light’s center.”

When we experience some type of seeming setback, we need to find how to control anger and frustration.

Yes, and dealing frustration, because our natural goal is to advance away from fear and toward the light of truth.

If you will accept this knowledge of the truth of who you are, the knowledge alone will drive you toward managing anxiety.

Likewise for overcoming frustration, and then signify a willingness to learn more.

Your willingness and readiness to accept who you are will open your mind for how to control anger and frustration.

Thereby, so that your daily circumstances will begin helping you LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

To learn more you must trust the Light of who you are.

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To the life you truly want,

James Nussbaumer

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