The Power of Intuition-simple Steps for Psychic Development and Success in Life

The power of intuition built by the power of your subconscious mind—inner knowledge, is not simply superstition, or pot-luck and lucky guesses. Studies have proven human intuition gives us valuable enlightening insights about what direction we must take in life, or what lurks down a turn at the branch in the road we choose not to take.

  • Accepting that this power uncovers what is brewing at our inner core.

A Course in Miracles states, “Think what is given those who share their Father’s purpose, and who know that it is theirs.”

But possessing the power of intuition is not as simple as a positive perceived notion and contrary to what some might think, intuition certainly wasn’t given us in our DNA.

As humans we all naturally form perceptions, but rather the miracle of the power of intuition is mastered, and for some it doesn’t come easy, but for others it may flow steadily without effort.

  • It comes from beyond the DNA.

Positive perception reality is not lasting, but it will support your direction for a period of time. 

The positive perception reality doesn’t last because it is illusory—errors in thought, but with positive outlook it can help reflect your true Reality.  

This is why I like the Deep Sleep Now system for bringing to the surface what it is you want in life.

Reflective power is what brings home results. 

Your reflective state of mind has an intent which holds value in your psychic development.

(Here’s how to practice getting what you want to achieve in life while realizing what is life for so you may in turn create it.) 

Psychic development

Perceptions are illusions, however, are investments made by the ego with full intentions of being separate from what’s going on at your inner core.  Illusions will stick with you as long as you value them.  Values are powerful mental judgments. 

The ego likes its own judgments.  The way to cancel illusions from your mind is to withdraw all value from them, and the illusion will have no life for you.  They will be gone from your mind.

Ask yourself this: What is it I am valuing within my mind that doesn’t feel right for me?  And, what am I not valuing that feels like powerful intuition?  Think about this seriously and often about the power of intuition and for your own psychic development. 

Author Alex McKenna did an awesome job with his best selling book Third Eye, about mind power, intuition, spiritual enlightenment, and psychic awareness. He states how, “Nothing can be cooler than realizing your third eye.”

  • What does your own powerful intuition tell you?

I am not referring to wannabe-type thoughts.  I mean real, gut-wrenching, positive, for certain, absolute powerful intuition.

The gift of life and your success in life is shared and extended, because it is your joy and was extended to you.  Don’t confuse this with your body, the dream of life.  All form is an illusion, and when accepting this you reach the power of the mind. 

Perception reality

Your life is beyond the illusion of perception, from before you projected a thought as an image you then identified as yourself. 

What rests peacefully beyond this image perceived as a body is the real, loving, and magnificent you.

  • Don’t hide it or shy away from it.

Don’t hide it or see it as magic because magical potions, rituals, and formulas are unreal, or you will be unaware of this extended mastery only because you haven’t been giving from it, or better yet, extending it from you.  In this you are depriving others. 

  • You can’t make something unreal come alive.

Therefore in your psychic development you must begin extending  and increasing the power of intuition in you, so that success in life may easily reflect into your outer world.  

When you follow your intuition, the power of the Universe will greet you and offer you what you need. 

This is pretty much what happened when I stumbled into A Course in Miracles, and how it opened up my mind for being whole and realizing the Universe in myself.

(If you feel urged for more on this topic, I suggest a related article where I discuss your inner power and reflecting it into this world, and experiencing miracle manifestation as a way of life.)

To your success in life,

James Nussbaumer

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