What Do You Want to Achieve in Life – What is Life for You? Now Create it!

Have you ever wondered about what do you want to achieve in life, and how does this universal law of, create the life you want to live, really operate? Can I truly live a life of my dreams?

Yes you can, simply ask within you, what do you really want?

Most of the time it seems much easier to notice, what do you want to achieve in life, and to focus by complaining about not having that.

The miracle secret is to become clear about what DO you want and to keep your total right-minded spirited focus on THAT!

I’ll share how practicing a reflective state of mind, actually first discovered by Albert Einstein, and this power of reflection works, so that you may answer to, what do you want to achieve in life?

At first, when I told people about my upcoming move to sunny Florida, I felt tentative and uncertain about my decision.

That’s normal, and do not feel guilty!

The Course in Miracles states, “The miracle teaches you that you have chosen guiltlessness, freedom and joy.”

What Do You Really Want?

(Here’s more on how to get what you want by understanding the law of attraction as within you, not outside, and why understanding these spiritual metaphysical laws are essential for your growth.) 

We are only comfortable with what we know already … anything never experienced or new will feel strange–until the “new and never experienced” becomes real and we drop the guilt.

It will be so normal in our mind, that the power of the universe just HAS GOT TO give it to us.

The Course in Miracles further teaches that, “It is the natural result of choosing right, attesting to your happiness, that comes from choosing to be free of guilt.”

But remember, the power of the universe is WITHIN you, not somewhere “out there” up in the sky.

You are the universe, so it is your inner power, and you may reflect from within whatever you want. That’s how you absolutely may create the life you want to live.

In the old days, I would be focused on (obsessed with) my current situation and what I needed to do to change the “reality” of where I am right now.

Live the Life for You

According to the power of reflection—a universal principle and law, placing my attention on what I do NOT want would bring more of THAT into my life.

More and more I am daydreaming about my new location.

While I was physically there, I made many mental pictures—visions within me of myself playing golf, or shopping, and drinking coffee at a sidewalk cafe on the beach.

I’d paint a portrait in my mind about entertaining friends in my new condo–pictures of everyday life as I want to be living it.

In closing, what do you want to achieve in life, is in your power.

You merely need to bring to mind something that you are desiring … close your eyes and picture yourself actually enjoying what you are wanting.

Keep your Mind Focused

That’s the first step in deliberately attracting what you REALLY want!

That is all the Universe is waiting for.

Since the real universe is you, it is signaling you to spend so much time living the life you want in your mind, that the ONLY thing left is to give you the life you are wanting!

Isn’t it is so much more fun to think about what do you want to achieve in life, and actually DO it?

Be done with asking yourself, what do you want to achieve in life, and just do it! Only you know what is life for you?

Simply keep you mind focused on that portrait over, what do you want to achieve in life.

Before you know it, you will have learnt how to create the life you want to live.

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To the life for you, 

James Nussbaumer

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