Feeling Excellent – 3 Fun Ways to Feel Happy Leading to Success

Feeling excellent with a quality of life comes down to one thing– your ability to find ways to feel happy, which are of the habits of successful people everywhere. Feeling excellent is how successful people grow, and what highly effective individuals strive for.

Today I will offer you some effective techniques, as long as you use them, they will awaken your capability to feeling excellent about your life and your path to success ahead.

Remember, A Course in Miracles teaches us about tapping into and being aligned with the center of your inner Light. It’s the highest quality of Who and What you are

  • 1: Uncovering your inner Light:

Uncover the Light within you which is your inner divine Self, and although we know the importance of feeling excellent, the majority of time in life we forget it.

We are so hectic at handling the “important matters” we must fulfill and oversee every day, and we forget the more “important matter” of feeling excellent, so you may live a tension totally free life.

At the moment when we realize we are currently in a deep state of negativity you need an answer.

The solution is to “Uncover the Light” throughout the day.

Exactly what is, “Uncovering your inner Light?”

This is a technique that you hold in mind a favorable right-minded image, an instant of your past where you were feeling excellent, or simply a thought of an occasion that makes you feel all lit up inside.

Hold it for a few seconds.

At the minute you do uncover your inner Light, it will counteract all the previous negative wrong-minded ego-based feelings.

The secret is to do it often.

Do not wait until your negative emotions get huge and dominant your ideas. When it is little, kill the potential beast.

Do this practice throughout the day, and you will see drastic enhancements in your life at the same time.

I cannot totally explain enough how totally effective this exercise is, so give it a good old fashioned enlightened college try yourself.

Some people discover it is difficult to hold an image, and my response to them is just pretend that you see what makes you begin feeling excellent.  

The significance is not how plainly you see, however how strong you feel.

  • 2: Hold Onto Miracle Minded Moments:

A Course in Miracles states, “It is through us that peace will come.”

We do not remember all the things that happen in our lives, but we do remember some instants that enlightened us and were so incredibly peaceful.

Many individuals only remember the distasteful times and forget those fun and intense pleasurable moments.

Those unhappy memories only make us even more dissatisfied.

The purpose of this way to feel happy is to help you in recalling those wonderful memories so that they will make you better.

It is extremely basic, keep a miracle mindedness journal, every night prior to bedtime, and remember all the good ideas that took place in your day.

For me, I call it a feel good feeling diary.

I will jot down things I’ve enjoyed, things I have discovered, and most importantly things I’d actually achieved.

Every week record your top accomplishments throughout the week; and monthly, write down leading achievements throughout the month.

You will be impressed by the number of things you have achieved, and wonder why you did not see them before.

Give it a 21 day try; you will enjoy the favorable modifications in your life.

Till you find your ability to always feeling excellent, you will enjoy the process of working toward that goal.

(Here’s the secret to getting what you want in life by realizing how to create miracles.) 

  • 3: Appreciate yourself

Treat yourself to a great dinner out at a wonderful fine dining establishment, buy yourself a gift, or just give yourself words of praise.

This is a great time to get involved in mindfulness meditation and listen to you inner Guidance system telling you what to do next.

Give thanks to your inner Light which you have uncovered, for supporting you and pointing the way for feeling happy.

Say thanks to your mind for letting you realize how the world needs you, and be grateful to your physical sensations for providing you the awesome feelings of the universe within you.

Thank the universe for all the true blessings it gives you, and all the blessing you are in turn receiving.

Remember that the ways to feel happy in this world is in what you offer to the universe, and you shall get back a thousand fold or more!

The most highly effective people on this planet are always feeling excellent because they invest in the universe.

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To being happy, 

James Nussbaumer

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