Very Depressed in the Trenches? Here’s How to Break Free

Ever get so very depressed and cannot even muster enough energy or motivation to get moving for the day? Many of us at times can feel so in the dumps and seemingly lost in this world, and to top it all off quite fearful and confused about the road ahead.  

My dad told me when I was a young halfback in football, “You’ve got to put your head down and drive those legs hard when busting through the line, especially when the opponents are bigger than you, while keeping your third eye on the goal line.”

Dad then added, “When you break through raise your head and keep them legs driving.”

That is great advice for any period of life that seems bigger and tougher than you when you’re very depressed.

Driving yourself forward needs courage and perseverance to keep your mind on your goal regardless of what you seem to be up against.

It means choosing life when contemplating something much worse, even when ending it all looks like your only choice.

It requires the perseverance that Wayne Dyer discussed when he said, “The world needs your heroic mission.”

When Feeling Down and Depressed

Have you ever noticed that when you treat yourself better and keep pushing forward it goes a long way towards making you feel much better, and not so very depressed?  

For some people, when feeling down and depressed it’s shopping, working on the car, playing the guitar, taking a long bubble bath, exercising, eating pizza and ice cream.

Think about what makes you feel better and comforted and spend some time overcoming being so very depressed.

I always urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and there are many great avenues for help in breathing meditation training, and a review article here.

Likewise today yoga for healing and for other reasons, including yoga for weight-loss is becoming a truly successful path for many in helping them overcome life’s obstacles.

Helping others or someone in particular will make you feel like you’re letting go of being very depressed. You will feel like you are a giver.

Sometimes seeing a smile on a person’s face and knowing you had a hand in putting it there can turn a very depressed day into a great one.

(Here’s more on when you’re feeling stuck and depressed how to set yourself free from self-imprisonment.) 

Why am I always Depressed?

When we least expect it, doesn’t life seem to smack us hard?

When your day is in a lonely and in the dumps sort of mood and things are going wrong, we may ask why am I always depressed?

Below are a few things you can do to get out of that rut and feel so much more alive.

None of these things will change the situation, but they will make you feel better and help you get through that very depressed feeling until things get better – and they will always get better.

But first consider what the Course in Miracles teaches us in one of its spiritual metaphysical principles: “You may still think that holiness is impossible to understand, because you cannot see how it can be extended to include everyone.”

Nothing lasts forever and most bad days don’t carry into the next. Know that there is a more positive day just around the corner than just, why am I so depressed.

And the Course in Miracles adds, “And you have been told that it must include everyone to be holy.”

Make Effort to Treat yourself Better

When we go through rough territory, it is the wrong-minded memories that keep haunting us.

Be sure to only spend time on the past memories that are all loving and fun.

By taking time to think about those who have less than you, you will start to think about how to treat yourself well and get over feeling down and depressed.

This will make all but the most drastic occurrences in your life reflected from your loving inner essence, it’s the holiness about you, and will be all so loving to deal with.

Make sense?

I hope so!

Just keep in mind that life can be brutal to us if we allow it to, so treat yourself well.

Remember, you are not alone in this, it’s the same for all of us where things can pop up and try to drive us mad when we’re not ready for it.  

(Here’s a related article I hope may help on why it’s essential you begin finding your passion to get the life you want to live.) 

To treating yourself well,

James Nussbaumer

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