Forgiving Others within your Truest Sense of Real Conscious Awareness

I hope your real inner vision is seeing that truly forgiving others is what we’re after here.

It is the real meaning behind the method of communication we choose to use.  

It’s the meaning in this article–specifically how it pertains to you—that is the Guiding Force to help you see the real you.

A Course in Miracles states:

  • “Everyone has experienced what he would call a sense of being transported beyond himself.”

When others sense your real conscious awareness, they have found their own and will be part of what you’re extending. 

To focus on mistakes or errors as sin is like focusing on weeds in the garden as the evil that deprives the garden of beauty. 

Rather, we can gently and quietly remove (undo) the weeds without any motive other than the growth and beauty of the garden. 

The weeds are seen as reversible errors for whatever reason that initiated them. It’s how we need to be forgiving others and gives us balance in our daily lives.

What your conscious awareness truly sees helps in forgiving others.

To focus on sin is to focus on illusions. 


Because you are focusing on the dream of separation instead of reality. 

There is no such thing as sin in the real world.  But there are errors in our thought process that made the dream project itself in how you are seeing sin. 

Even with the murderer, like the ones I was with in prison, living side by side—my real conscious awareness did not see these individuals as murderers.

But my ego does see them as a body that took an innocent human body’s life, and the projection of that image plays out accordingly. 

But did someone really lose a life? 

Did a murder actually happen? 

To the ego and the dream of bodily form, yes, it did.  The ego has a tough time forgiving others in a true sense of real consciousness.

It’s why we without forgiving others, first, often can’t seem to live life at our full potential.

But is this real?

I do realize this is a hard pill to swallow, and understandably so, by the ego in you that is trying to be in control of your thinking over this idea of murder not being sinful and truly forgiving others. 

Does this mean we should condone any such attack? 

Not at all. 

But forgiving others lies in seeing the sinlessness of the murderer from behind the dream, by looking beyond it. 

You can start now to let all such sinless focuses make a path for your own sinlessless to be seen. 

What does this mean, and what can you do?

I’m saying here to let others see who you are behind the dream of sin, and without advertising it. 

You will set an example. 

It might seem like a slow process and an uphill battle, but this is what will reduce the number of murders inside the dream of time and space. 

Only the ego sees difficulty in forgiveness. 

The sinlessness that you are is your real conscious awareness, your whole being, if you will.

And it’s a happy way of living on the earth, and is already catching on around the world everywhere. 

The fearful, ego-based thoughts that spur on your ego-based perceptions make you see a garden of weeds.

If we stop being so anxious, for example, even in our relationships about the future, and regretful or blaming over the past, and put our real conscious awareness into trusting the same in others, our extension of love will override projected, unreal thought. 

The dream will seem to fade. 

Once this happens we can begin to see a brother in time of need, and the whole Child of God expands to make room for him to join. 

Events start being arranged because of the need in this world for his or her true free will. 

Try to look and see what is behind the ego-based thoughts of others.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to use real vision here.

Here’s a related article on why passive aggressive behavior must be left behind where you shift to becoming more whole:

To forgiving others in the true sense of the word,

James Nussbaumer

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