Past and Future Doesn’t Exist in True Reality-Letting Go of Constant Worry and Regret

A major hazard to the success we seek has been the involvement with past and future goals.  Many of us also concern ourselves too much with depressing thoughts of worrying about the future.  It seems we can’t stop worrying because we may sense for the time being that the fog of guilt about past and future is clear, but sure to return.

A Course in Miracles states, “Guilt makes you blind, for while you see one spot of guilt within you, you will not see the light.” 

We continue to project guilt leading to depression and doom.  How can this worrying about the future, about what has not yet occurred, really happen?  It can’t.

It’s all a dream, and ego infestation is not real.  This constant worry of past and future are merely ego defenses against present change, and the fear of a new focus.  That’s all it is. 

Why the fear? 

Because how we may project the future with this change of focus is uncertain, and what is not certain frightens the ego.  But on the other hand, the certainty of Truth and the present moment severely scares the ego. 

The ego is always afraid, no matter how certain or uncertain things may be.

This is a trap, and your release from past and future is to accept the fact that you live an eternal life, and eternity is certain. 

That said, you can now forget the past, and stop worrying about the future and allow for the law of attraction to take over–also known as the Likability Laws

The certainty is that your body will one day end its time here only because it is due time for you to experience reality, the real world. 

Worrying about the future

You can do this by letting go of all worry and frustration, and begin extending what you are, which is love.  You can easily do this by simply being yourself.

The sinless whole being thoughts of your brothers/sisters are as real as your own, and each of us shares the same unambiguous Light of real consciousness, Heaven.

This is why you are abundant in mind.

None of us need to allow anxious thoughts of past and future to block our way. 

If a brother’s sins come into your view of him, you’ve narrowed your focus, restricting your own real vision, thus seeing your own mistakes, and then potentially magnifying them as sins. 

In the self-help library…Living your life at your full potential is about letting go of constant worry and regret of past and future.

When these blocks arise, simply transcend them by acknowledging the following words; or work them into your normal prayers or meditations:

  • It’s not this narrow focus I want to see. Rather, I trust my brothers/sisters who share the Light that breaks through the fog.

Remember, what you truly want will be given to you by the Holy Spirit, because it’s necessary to attaining your true free will.  You can stop worrying because it’s your salvation.

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To the Light that you are,

James Nussbaumer

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