Your Inner Self Realized through the Healing Laws of the Universe

Your inner self is where you make things happen. The true essence, the core to individuals everywhere is where inner healing begins. The inner self, regardless of race, wealth, religion or nationality, or any other type of status structure the world assigns, is of the One Mind, which brings wholeness to you and your brother/sister. 

Oneness heals.

Wholeness is the conflict-free essence of your inner self—or in traditional terms the Son of God, and inner peace is the simplest understanding of its perfection. 

A Course in Miracles states, “Bringing the ego to God is but to bring error to truth, where it stands corrected because it is the opposite of what it meets.”

This perfectness is the certainty of the Laws of the Universe—God, where His Laws are certain and simple to understand. 

With inspiration from the Holy Spirit in you, healing is a result of these laws. 

Since we are the Holy Spirit, yes, from your inner self while in this world, the inspiration we have for our free will continually reminds us it’s also God’s Will.  This is why you can relax and let go of the past, by honoring the present as the key to the future.


We’re too quick to think of healing in physical terms rather than your inner self, but that’s okay. 

Just use the physical sense you have to relate healing to the split-mind. 

In other words, equate the cut finger to the healing process ongoing in the mind. 

Consider the Laws of Universe as the antibodies rushing in to aid in your forgetting of ego illusions. 

When we forget, it is a way of remembering better.  To forget is to clear away ego-based fog that obscures the real vision of your inner self.

But we have been taught to understand forgetting as the opposite of remembering.  Opposites do conflict. 

However, if we perceive the process of forgetting properly it can be used as a way out of conflict, just as must be our goal with perception.

Undoing illusion

As realization of your inner self strengthens, it is undoing the illusions of the ego-based mind.

The ego has never learned anything and surely does not wish that we realize it can never learn anything real.  Such a wish would defeat its purpose. 

While it is impossible for the ego to learn anything, it is able to perceive “truth” as it wishes. 

The ego makes its choices based on this wishful thinking, and then claims it to be a lesson learned.

Its own interpretations are used as its lessons in life, often based on formal education.

Don’t get me wrong here. 

We indeed must educate our children, which is part of our responsibility in bringing forward a more whole being and inner self for further positive outlook in the world. 

The result

But how often do we use this formal education as a launching pad into ego illusion, where corruption breeds actions for personal and material gain?

Rather, shouldn’t we be following our true calling?

The future adults who are our babies today can one day use their formal education to shift the world and increase a more permanent right-minded approach to interacting. 

But we must individually utilize our wholeness to lead the way now, so they can lead later. 

Material gain will come about abundantly as a result.

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To your inner self,

James Nussbaumer

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