The Law Of Attraction Working For You by Self-Confidence

As its name specifies it, the law of attraction has as its main concept the power of the universe and you as one. Things happen to us all the time, things we grumble about or things that we are happy about. There are times when we think something will take place to us, but we […]

Building Confidence through Faith Healing-A Strategy for Needed Change

Individuals who lack confidence building tend to see a hostile or an unfair world and often see themselves living a life of lonesomeness. This has them finding difficulty expressing and extending their hearts, and as a result always seem to live with a scarcity mentality and feel it difficult for deciding on a needed change. […]

Your Inner Self Realized through the Healing Laws of the Universe

Your inner self is where you make things happen. The true essence, the core to individuals everywhere is where inner healing begins. The inner self, regardless of race, wealth, religion or nationality, or any other type of status structure the world assigns, is of the One Mind, which brings wholeness to you and your brother/sister.  […]