Building Confidence through Faith Healing-A Strategy for Needed Change

Individuals who lack confidence building tend to see a hostile or an unfair world and often see themselves living a life of lonesomeness. This has them finding difficulty expressing and extending their hearts, and as a result always seem to live with a scarcity mentality and feel it difficult for deciding on a needed change.

The One-Mindedness of Creation is an incredible gift to each of us, in that we “have” and “are” everything we could ever need. 

When we don’t use the faith healing gifts we were given for building confidence, we are forgetting we have them. 

By not remembering these gifts, we enter a state of faithless indecisiveness and confusion about who and what we are. 

A Course in Miracles states, “When you have learned how to decide with God, all decisions become as easy and as right as breathing.”

Building confidence is the way of bringing forth faith healing because there’s a perception that something is wrong, then shifting over to knowledge by thinking in accordance to the Laws of the Universe, causing ourselves to recognize that change is necessary.

For example, you may notice that a friend of yours is elated and complete in his or her career, and has a great income, a nice home, and luxury cars. 

You may witness this person doing all the fun things in life that you seem unable to afford to do. 

Your focus becomes more and more on the ball and chain that binds you in that prison of a job you have instead of in building confidence.

Using the Gifts

You’re noticing jealousy in yourself toward your friend, and this alone disgusts you. 

But thanks to this person, this jealousy is an ingredient for the recipe that gets you thinking and then deciding to begin building confidence and your own needed change. 

The change you accept is your way of welcoming the whole to you. 

The whole has sought you out and is waving you in, just as you would welcome a single lone golfer who is a hole behind you on the golf course, asking that he join you.

You will receive Its arrival once you have devoted yourself to seeking change and building confidence. 

Now we can understand the Holy Spirit’s reinterpretation of the Bible instruction: “Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven.” 

A shift in mind

This is where the Laws of the Universe operate truly in you, because you are the Kingdom of Heaven.  Seek within yourself first; then you can function truly, because you are these Laws.

See yourself as Truth, which is what heals, and healing being the way of forgetting the sense of danger the ego has induced in us. 

While I was writing a particular thought provoking book based on nontraditional, but metaphysical principles contained in A Course in Miracles, I was a tad fearful and concerned about the judgment that would be made against me for its unconventional content. 

Only when a necessary shift in my perception of other peoples’ outlook occurred, could I foresee those who would welcome my message.

When perception is transformed to knowledge, the thought of danger fades away, leaving us with building confidence. 

The result is remembering what you are; and you are here to remember God.  By remembering you will awaken.

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To remembering what you are,

James Nussbaumer

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