Letting Go and Moving On Starts with an Effortless Single Step

Letting go and moving on can be a journey, but however you approach it the first step gets you started. The Holy Spirit takes a place in our right-mind to teach us to use what the ego has made, so we can understand these illusions for the nothingness they are, illusions that have been leading us astray from our own true free will. 

These errors, often seen as sins, are ultimately necessary for letting go and moving on and our growth and real learning.

A Course in Miracles states, “Do not underestimate the intensity of the ego’s drive for vengeance on the past”

Consider what the world sees as truths today, which generations ago were seen as falsehoods—or, conversely, what is seen as false today, but were once viewed as truths that countries went to war over. 

Was truth really being unveiled or discovered during the Inquisition or Colonial witch hunts? 

Did truth really prevail during the Crusades, fought over religion, property, and wealth?  Was truth brought forward when millions of Jews and others were slaughtered by Hitler and the Nazi Party that backed him? 

Did we learn anything as a result ?

Bringing Truth Forward

Many individuals around the world today continue to lose their lives or are physically imprisoned for disagreeing with or expressing opinions that are counter to the leadership in power, even when the laws of their land may not even have been broken. 

In this country, as well as others, individuals are being locked up for attempting to crack the hard shell of ego-based political policies. 

They end up in prison on trumped-up charges for crimes they did not commit.

Examples and case stories are everywhere, but the specifics of these causes are not what this article is about, but I will say that learning something and letting go and moving on is important. 

However, I must admit I feel an urging starting to churn inside me to one day write more, about the possibility of overcoming such underhandedness resulting from wrong-minded goals.


I hope you’re with me here in seeing this type of learning as being meaningless and helpless, unless it can result in newly-brought-forward abilities by letting go and moving on that look beyond the ego-based efforts that make the world we try so hard to keep up with.

To overlook by looking beyond ego illusion and taking that first step toward what you truly want is the real meaning of self-forgiveness.

The belief in whatever is considered to be true often is a charade that lives on in households, businesses, courts of law, governments on all levels—federal, state, and local— and on and on. 

But for every wannabe truth, what is real in this world wins every time.  All you need to do is to make the willingness in your heart to help a better world shine through the fog. 

Your naturally letting go and moving on is your forgiving self, and full potential will come forward and it will extend. 

This is the Holy Spirit’s goal for all efforts, which He will instill in you as effortless.

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To your effortless self,

James Nussbaumer

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