Gifts and Talents and our Healing Power for Living the Life we Truly Want

If different gifts and talents and natural ability are applied consistently enough to one goal, the natural ability, our true calling in us all becomes unified. 

All minds become channeled in one direction, contributing to one result.  The emphasis falls on similarities, not differences.

A Course in Miracles states, “The communication link that God Himself placed within you, joining your mind with His, cannot be broken.”

In other words, the Child of God, or the whole mind of humanity, if that’s easier to digest, which includes the true free will of others, will find you to help in the mission of unity, undoing what it is that humanity as whole really does not want, and rather we what we do want right down to each individual on the planet.

It’s your gifts and talents being utilized where your unique function is needed.  This is the Law of God, a true Universal Law governing over Its Divine Task.

This is why we must hand over all of our natural ability and gifts and talents, along with our disabilities or confusion, to the Holy Spirit—your inner divine Guide and Teacher while in this world, Who understands how to use them properly.

Communication Link

 The Holy Spirit is the link and He will use your gifts and talents for healing power because He knows each of us as whole, which is the same as your knowledge of being a whole Child of God. 

It’s the part of you that knows there is more to who you are than the dream of being separated from God, the Father, if you will.

The Holy Spirit uses our natural ability to teach us of wholeness as we all shift and direct our thinking more inwardly, where healing power begins in the right-mind. 

By being aware of the need to be whole, in that alone we are remembering God. 

Our remembrance of Him has been obscured by the false ideas of the ego-based mind, which has offered us its own perception, and we’ve chosen to buy into it.

A cute story as a good example of this occurred with my good friend while I was in prison over that regretful foolish securities violation. 

Bob was an eighty-two year old creative thinker.  His wife of a similar age passed away a few years ago, while Bob was new to prison. 

When he is released from prison, which was to be soon, Bob says the first thing he must do is purchase a double cemetery plot for himself and his already-buried wife. 

His plan is to have his wife’s remains moved to the newly purchased gravesite.  His wish is that when he passes on, the two of them will be side by side in Heaven.

Translate forgetting into remembering

You may be chuckling slightly over Bob’s thought process. 

But isn’t this similar to the beliefs much of the world holds regarding an eternity, with the body as the main focus? 

Of course there are loving, right-minded intentions in Bob’s thinking. 

So what is the lesson? you may be asking.

Whether it’s financial areas, self-improvement, personal development, relationships, whatever it might be, the Holy Spirit will translate forgetting into a way of remembering your gifts and talents. 

My right-mindedness sees Bob as sensing oneness of mind, and this is simply his way of expressing it. 

He’s tapping into a knowledge that tells him he is already at-one with his wife, but for symbolic purposes, moving her body so they can be buried together allows him to see oneness in action, the only way he can express it to himself. 

Regardless, Bob is tapping into unity, or the knowledge of it.  But don’t rely on what I see in Bob’s goals here; please examine what you see yourself.

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To your gifts and talents,

James Nussbaumer

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