Self Healing Techniques Made Easy with this Ancient Art So Powerful

Often all we require is time for self healing techniques and the healing power to come to our aid. Occasionally it’s the easy plan of action of taking our body self healing a more mindful path. Many take health and wellness through prayer for healing and strength for a friend, or taking much seriousness for […]

Universal Life Energy-the Real Healing Power for Self-Limiting Beliefs

By more clearly understanding universal life energy we flow with our vibrational sensitivity, and live with a sense of what A Course in Miracles calls, “right-mindedness.” By being in tune with our right-mind we are more aligned with the power of the universe and life where an abundant life seems to find us. Many call […]

Self-Healing Power Within-What the Unhealed Healer can’t Grasp

As the Light of the Holy Spirit is your healing power, He uses the body constantly for communication purposes, and we must understand the body’s connection with self-healing.  No one has healing power of his own, and anyone who considers himself “a healer” doesn’t understand this—is an unhealed healer. A Course in Miracles states, “Every […]

Gifts and Talents and our Healing Power for Living the Life we Truly Want

If different gifts and talents and natural ability are applied consistently enough to one goal, the natural ability, our true calling in us all becomes unified.  All minds become channeled in one direction, contributing to one result.  The emphasis falls on similarities, not differences. A Course in Miracles states, “The communication link that God Himself […]